Blue Natural Stone & Marble

Blue natural stone spans the spectrum from subtle powder blues to the deepest inky indigos, often combined with grey, orange, or green patterning. Blue natural stone can be used in furniture, tiles, and cladding—both as the dominant material and to provide highlights alongside other stones.


The Davani Group sources blue natural stone of many different types from quarries around the world. We have long-established relationships with the best natural stone suppliers, allowing us to choose the most exquisite blocks of blue natural stone at the point they are quarried.


Our collection incorporates blue marbles, calcites, quartzites, onyxes, and more. Highlights include the beautiful blue and white banding of Azul Macau quartzite, the blue-green and deep blacks of Labradorite Blue, and the subtle blue, green, and yellow striations Blue Venato onyx.


Our Italian workshops use blue natural stone in a variety of luxury natural stone furniture and artwork, including tables, seating, bathtubs, sinks, vanities, and tiles. The Davani Group also works with our clients to create custom natural stone artifacts based on their designs in the blue natural stone of their choice.

Blue Quartzite

Blue Semi-Precious Stone

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