White Natural Stone & Italian Marble

White natural stone has been among the most sought after material for buildings, furniture, and art for thousands of years. With rare exceptions, white stone is not pure white. From the environment of its formation, white stone inherits subtle shades of gray and yellow and blue, which add depth, distinction, and vibrancy.


The Davani Group sources dozens of types of white stone direct from quarries in countries across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Our collection includes a diverse selection of white stone for use in furniture, tiles, and cladding. They include the world-renowned Italian Calacatta and Carrara marbles, the subtle grays of Onice Bianco onyx, and the warm yellows of Travertino Navona travertine.


Our clients can choose from the highest quality marbles, travertines, granites, basalts, limestones, and onyxes.


The Davani Group’s workshops in Italy transform blocks of natural white stone into luxury furniture that includes tables, seating, reception desks, bathtubs, and more. In addition to designs from leading Italian furniture designers, we work with contractors, interior designers, and architects to create custom white marble artifacts for prestigious spaces around the world.

White Onyx

White Semi-Precious Stone

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