Blue Granite

Blue granites offer a superb palette for uniquely beautiful furniture, tiles, and cladding. The Davani Group sources a diverse selection of blue granites direct from the quarry in shades that range from the delicate blue-greys of Azul Aran to the inky blue blacks of Spectrolite Blue.


Granite is an igneous stone. Unlike marble, igneous rock forms from magma that cools to leave large crystals with a richly variegated pattern of minerals. The color of granite depends on the presence of specific minerals in the rock. In the case of blue granite, minerals such as labradorite and sodalite create deep blue, indigo, and violet shades.


Blue granite is a popular choice for natural stone furniture and tiles. Our natural stone fabrication specialists help designers, interior decorators, contractors, and architects to source high-quality blue granite for custom pieces fabricated in our Italian workshops.

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