Black Marble Stone, Granite, Slate, and Quartz

Black marble stone and other types of black stones such as black granite and black quartz are enormously popular as a base color for tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as providing an elegant and lustrous material for a diverse selection of natural stone furniture. Black marble stone allows for the creation of contrasting color schemes with white, red, blue, gold, and other colors of natural stone or with metals such as bronze.


The Davani Group sources over 20 types of black natural stone from quarries around the world. We work closely with premium quarries in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to ensure that only the most beautiful blocks of stone are delivered to the Davani Group’s workshops in Italy. Among the natural black stones in our collection are black marbles, black stone granites, black basalts, and many more.


Highlights of our collection include:

  • Absolute Black Zimbabwe, a pitch-black granite speckled with a subtle pattern of starlike white markings.
  • Black and Gold marble features a black background with dramatic gold and yellow veining.
  • Dalmata, a beautiful black and white marble stone with a black background and prominent white or gray veins.


The Davani Group offers a diverse selection of natural stone furniture, tiles, and cladding made from black marble stone and other stone types and colors, including:

We also create custom artifacts for our clients in any of the types of natural stone in our collection.

Black Slate

Black Onyx

Black Limestone

Black Quartz & Quartzite

Black Semi-Precious Stone

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