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Wellbeing. It’s at the heart of everything DAVANI stands for. Not only design that blends style and functionality, but design with the active intention of creating a richer experience of your every day. The DAVANI Bath Tubs collections center on the merging of natural stone and water in the sanctuary space of the home – the bathroom.

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MERIDIAN Spa | The Davani Group

MERIDIAN B87 bathtub

MERIDIAN B160 bathtub

PARALLEL B210 bathtub

PARALLEL B185 bathtub

Designed by Italian architect Silvia Spagnoletta, with creative direction by DAVANI co-founder and Creative Director Anthony Davani, these organic modern pieces embody beauty and elegance in sleek suites that invite calm and create a sense of peacefulness.

In the perfect union of water and natural materials, warm elements artfully sculpted in stone and wood become the space for water. It’s the ultimate in thoughtful luxury, providing places to relax and interact with water’s life-giving force.

Inspired by the natural lines that define the planet Earth, the MERIDIAN and PARALLEL collections are crafted by talented artisans. They bring to life the designers’ vision to create balance and harmony. In a world that never stops spinning, these evocative shapes provide a sense of tranquility, a precious moment of stillness.

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