Luxury Doors


Davani Group luxury interior and exterior doors ideally complement our marble and natural stone decor and furniture. Manufactured in Italy in a range of luxury materials, these doors combine exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design, and precision engineering.

About Our Collection of Luxury Doors


We offer doors in designs appropriate to any luxury interior or external project, including pocket doors, hinged doors, pivot doors, and sliding doors. Door styles can be tailored to their setting in a diverse array of materials, color, and finish options that include veneered woods; lacquers; laminated and anodized metals; transparent, mirrored, metaled, and smoked glass; leather; and more, such as various wallpaper options like these peel and stick wallpaper designs and similar products you might have installed.

Luxury onyx door

In addition to the variety of panel materials, each door can be tailored with a selection of compatible fittings-including handles and locks-in colors and finishes that contrast or complement the panel color and material as well as the surrounding decor.


Each door incorporates long-lasting precision-engineered components in the frame, hinge or sliding mechanism, and handle and lock. Manufactured with an obsessive attention to fit, motion, and balance, these luxury doors exhibit premium quality in both design and movement, effortlessly gliding open or closed at a touch.

To learn more about our luxury interior and exterior doors, contact a Davani Group consultant to help you choose the right door for your project. All doors are built by Linvisible in Italy and can be delivered to locations around the world.

Luxury Pocket Doors

Our pocket doors collections feature a variety of discrete low-profile sliding doors that glide gracefully into an unseen compartment in the adjacent wall, making them the perfect option when space is at a premium or a discrete sliding door is preferred. We offer pocket doors in dozens of colors and finishes to suit any decor scheme, as well as single-leaved and double-leaved versions in a variety of sizes.

Stone texture sliding pocket door

Each door is accompanied by an easy-to-fit aluminum panel housing pocket engineered for maximum strength and minimal flex, as well as a unique directional system that ensures that the doors slide smoothly with optimal stability.

Concealed & Hidden Doors

Luxury concealed sliding doors, also known as flush doors, offer a flush-to-the-wall design in both motorized and manual varieties. When a concealed door is closed, the door panels seamlessly fit into the doorway, forming a single plane with the adjacent wall. When opened, the door moves back and slides into its hidden aluminum compartment.

Hidden stone door

When flush doors are combined with matching wall and door panel finishes, the result is a hidden door that is barely visible, blending seamlessly into its surrounding.

Custom Sliding Doors

In addition to pocket doors and concealed doors, we also offer a variety of external sliding door systems without a containment pocket. External sliding doors are ideal for dividing large spaces and in scenarios where a containment pocket is undesirable.

Included in our sliding door selection are the Altopiano and Marchiaro collections, both of which are equipped with the Marea sliding system. Altopiano features wooden or lacquered panels, while the Marchiaro offers a metal frame that can be combined with panels of materials that include glass, metal, and fabric.

Hinged & Pivot Doors

Our luxury hinged doors include both the door panel and a hidden aluminum frame that creates a perfect linear relationship between the wall and the door panel. The door’s hinges are concealed, and the absence of a traditional door jamb or frame helps hinged doors to integrate with the surrounding wall seamlessly.

In addition to hinged doors, we also offer a beautiful selection of pivot doors, a unique hingeless solution with an innovative hidden pivot mechanism that allows the door panel to rotate up to 360 . For scenarios beyond the traditional doorway, we offer modular pivot systems that provide multiple interlocking and pivoting panels ideal for dividing larger spaces.


As with all of our doors, hinged doors are available in over 500 finishes with your choice of fittings, including flush-fitting square and round handles, recessed handles, optional concealed door closers, and several lock and latch options.

Bespoke Curved Doors

Curved doors allow for the creation of uniquely organic interior designs and spacial layouts.

Luxury soft white curved door

The pinnacle of luxury door design and engineering, our curved doors feature hidden hinges and gapless construction for seamless continuity with the surrounding walls, which can be decorated with the same finish as the panels for near-invisible doors. Curved doors are available in a variety of convex and concave designs.

Materials & Finishes


Our luxury doors are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes to match your unique design aesthetic.

A luxury flush door with stone finish


Our doors are available in a variety of natural stone finishes, using thin slabs of real marble, travertine, onyx, or granite.

A high-end door with a dark hardwood finish


Dark and classic, many modern design styles make use of hardwood to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Available in a variety of hardwood styles to match your design needs.

Concealed flush door with moulded paneling

Moulded Paneling

Custom moulded paneling finish is available on our doors gives a unique, luxurious flair to your entry spaces.

A custom door made of resin cast

Special Materials

For truly bespoke projects, special materials are available upon request including resin, plaster, textiles, porcelain, laminate, and other specialty finishes. Contact us to learn more.

Custom door with wallpaper finish


Wallpaper finished doors are another unique stylistic option. This bespoke finish can match the exact decor and wallpaper in your chosen space, making it an excellent option for hidden and concealed doors.

As Wall

Another preferred choice for concealed doors, our custom wall finishes can match the color and texture of your walls for a seamless, hidden aesthetic.

A door with custom red lacquer finish


Lacquer finishing on our flush doors makes for a crisp, elegant look. Available in a wide range of colors and tones to match your unique design aesthetic.

A glass door with semi-opaque finish


Glass is a highly versatile material for doors that can be either fully translucent or with varying opaque finishes that can provide an additional layer of privacy and intimacy.

Metal luxury doors


Metal doors create a bold, sleek look for any space. Available in copper, brass, and aluminum with finishes ranging anywhere from matte to polished.

Leather finish hidden or flush door


Leather doors offer a bold, modern look that’s both stylish, yet rugged and durable. You’ll be sure to make a statement with these luxurious leather finishes.

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