Custom Marble Fireplaces & Mantels

The Davani Group manages the fabrication and delivery of custom fireplaces and mantels carved from Italian marble and natural stone. Our customers choose from hundreds of types of stone in every color, including marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx.


We source stone direct from the quarry. The Davani Group works with only the most skilled and experienced natural stone artisans. Each unique natural stone fireplace is carved to your specifications in our Italian workshop.


Marble Fireplaces and Mantels From The Davani Group


The Davani Group brings together experts in the design, fabrication, and delivery of natural stone furniture and features. We work with clients from conception to delivery and installation of custom natural stone fireplaces and mantels.

  • We consult with interior designers, architects, builders, and property owners. Our consultants transform their fireplace design ideas into functional technical specifications. We provide technical drawings and 3D renderings.
  • We source natural stone from dozens of locations around the world. Our team’s close relationships with quarries allows us to find the perfect block of stone for your fireplace.
  • The selected natural stone is transported to our workshop in Italy. Master craftsmen and craftswomen carve your fireplace mantel. They are among the most talented stone craftsmen in the world. Each can call on generations of expertise and centuries of tradition.
  • We consult with clients throughout the fabrication process. We’re responsive to changing requirements and will always strive to meet your every need.
  • Your fireplace is delivered anywhere in the world. We use specialist delivery services who are experienced handlers of heavy and fragile stone furniture. Every piece is insured.
  • We can arrange the installation of your natural stone fireplace by a specialist natural installation team.
A minimialist, luxury black slate fireplace with black marble accents

Photo by Bert Vereecke

An Unmatched Selection of Natural Stone & Marble for Your Fireplace


Do you envision a natural stone mantel carved from Italy’s famed white Carrara marble? Or perhaps a deep black granite fireplace is more to your taste.


Our extensive natural stone collection includes stone in every color the earth provides. Complement or contrast your color scheme with black, white, brown, green, blue, red, or gold natural stone.

Why Choose a Custom Marble Fireplace?


A fireplace is the focal point of a room and the center of your home. For thousands of years, we have gathered at the hearth seeking warmth and company. Even today, when open fires are no longer our primary source of warmth, we are instinctively drawn to the fireplace.


A fireplace and mantel crafted from the most beautiful luxury marble establishes the refined character of a room. It discloses the taste and discrimination of its owner. A bespoke marble fireplace is a timeless and elegant luxury.


Natural stone is also a practical choice for your fireplace. Natural stone absorbs and retains heat efficiently, slowly radiating warmth into the room.

A grey marble luxury fireplace with roaring fire

Photo by Portier

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