The Best Modern Luxury Bathroom Design Features

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The Best Modern Luxury Bathroom Design Features

The modern concept of luxury is shifting. Where once we saw highly ornamental designs and precious metals, we now see natural stone, sleek designs, and unique craftsmanship.  When we consider the modern concept of luxury and what modern luxury bathrooms look like, few features encapsulate it better than the basinless sinks and soaking tubs shown below. They are simple, unique, and utterly timeless. They embody modern luxury. Incorporating them into your home will leave you with a luxurious master bathroom you will never want to leave.

Meridian Basinless Sink

In the past, a basin has been considered an integral component of a functioning sink. Now, they could be regarded as relics of a by-gone era. This remarkable design makes it look as though the water simply disappeared. 

Basinless sinks broke the internet when Kim Kardashian shared a peek at her and Kanye’s bathroom, which features an absolutely massive cabinet fitted with two sinks that appear to drain into thin air. It’s not a magic trick, it’s just brilliant craftsmanship, and with options like the Meridian basinless sink, you can have it in your modern luxury bathroom too. 

Maridian WMS Sink Davani Group

This basinless sink is available with or without the vanity (the vanity version is pictured above) and also comes in a floor-mounted model for those who are looking for even more storage.

Luxury Modern Soaking Tubs

Meridian Bathtub Davani Group

Traditional freestanding porcelain tubs are beautiful in their own way, but when we consider modern luxury, our thoughts drift towards soaking tubs like those pictured below. The Meridian stone soaking tub is available in seven different stones and is available with or without the line-etched detail pictured above. This soaking tub will give any modern luxury bathroom the feel of a professional spa thanks to its simple design and organic feel.

Meridian B160 Bathtub Davani Group

For a slightly softer take on modern luxury, consider the parallel soaking tub. This incredibly beautiful tub comes with or without the curved step. (we highly recommend you get it with) The circular design is simple, with the only embellishment being the sleek strip of recessed wood that bisects the tub. This tub is available in seven stones, and numerous different woods and metals for the accent strip, meaning your tub can easily blend with your bathroom’s design. 

Parallel B185 Bathtub Modern Luxury Bathroom | Davani Group

There you have it—everything you need to transform your luxurious master bathroom into your own personal spa. The brilliance of these tubs and basinless sinks is that they are not just functional, they are beautiful. They are the centerpiece of your modern luxury bathroom’s design, eyecatching in their one-of-a-kind design. Once in place, your luxury modern bathroom will be all but complete.

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