Torre and Pedina Tables – Classic Beauty for the Modern Age

Luxury marble tables and flooring from The Davani Group

Torre and Pedina Tables – Classic Beauty for the Modern Age





True sophistication was at the forefront of the dream for our Italian designers when first conceptualizing the Pedina and Torre systems.


Classic Italian Stones Meet Modern Design

A balance of delicate form, of clean lines and soft, arching curves. An appreciation for beauty that focuses more on quality rather than volume. On essence rather than overstated indulgence.


Kreoo end tables with pottery and decor

Pedina table with cacti and succulents on top


Italian artisan brand Kreoo’s iconic and versatile design is a sleek component for any modern space. Warmth and natural depth of hand carved marble are contrasted against clean and crisp lines of the overall design. Torre and Pedina are designed to offer a wide variety of visual proportions. With a range of heights, sizes, materials, and functions, this is a marble system perfect for any space.


Torre Portoro luxury stone dining table under a hanging lamp


Luxury Designs For Any Space

The Pedina and Torre collection offers an array of seamless designs that complement each other and can be used within the same space. Stools, end tables, coffee tables and more.


Pedina end table in green stone blends in with this luxury Italian study decor.


In 2018, in response to numerous requests, the Kreoo brand released a redesigned marble dining table. The Torre design fits brilliantly within the Pedina and Torre collection to extend beyond simple accessory pieces, to the focal point of the dining space. 


This Torre table in white marble makes a stunning dining table.

White marble Torre table with minimalist gold decor


Custom Stones, Colors, and Sizes

This refined table system is offered in several different models and sizes. Our team at The Davani Group will help you select the perfect marble for your space and personal design preference. Beyond marble type, Pedina and Torre also allow designers to customize pieces from many angles including edge details, optional metal or contrasting marble inserts and more.


Black marble Pedina end table

2 Pedina end tables in black marble with gold metal accents


For more information on the Torre and Pedina table collection, download the spec sheets for stools, coffee tables, end tables and dining tables. You can also browse our full collection of Kreoo luxury tables here.


The Davani Group team is available to advise on how best to incorporate marble in your next residential or hospitality project. From branded and customized furniture pieces to extensive cut-to-size natural stone installations, we’re standing by to offer stone selection and fabrication expertise to ensure your next project is its own unique balance of classic beauty for the modern world.

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