Gold Marble

Gold marble is a category of natural stone that includes a large selection of marbles with gold-yellow coloring. The golden coloring is due to minerals that were present when the metamorphic marble was formed.


Gold marbles include marbles such as Teak Wood, which is quarried in Pakistan and has a golden-yellow background with darker yellow veins; Blue Jeans Classic, which is a predominantly blue marble with gold-colored veins; and Zebrino Black Gold marble from Turkey, which combines a jet black background with light gray and golden veins.


One of the most sought-after gold marbles is Carrara White Gold Marble, which, in addition to the famed white background and gray veins, is shot through with stunning golden veins.


The Davani Group sources gold marbles from quarries around the world for the fabrication of a wide range of natural furniture, tiles, and cladding from leading Italian designers. We also use gold marble in bespoke natural stone projects for our clients.

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