Semiprecious Stones

The Davani Group’s clients can select from over 60 varieties of semi-precious stone for custom natural stone furniture and tiles. Semi-precious stones can be used alongside other premium materials—metals, woods, and Murano glass—as inlays or decorations on any custom natural stone project.


Semi-precious stones are hard gemstones with an immense spectrum of vibrant colors and patterns. They are highly prized, and the most impressive specimens of the rarest semi-precious stones are valued higher than precious stones such as diamonds and rubies. 


We shape and inlay semi-precious stones in tiles and furniture in our Italian workshop, where specialists in these rare and beautiful stones work alongside our marble and natural stone artisans.


Highlights of our semi-precious stone inventory include amethyst, calcite, quartz, amazonite, red and green jaspers, malachite, petrified wood, and agates in blue, white, and red. We source all semi-precious stones direct from the quarry to ensure they are ethically sourced and of the highest possible quality.


To discuss incorporating semi-precious stones into your custom natural stone project, contact us by phone or email or leave a message in the instant chat on this page.

White Semi-Precious Stone

Black Semi-Precious Stone

Blue Semi-Precious Stone

Brown Semi-Precious Stone

Green Semi-Precious Stones

Yellow Semi-Precious Stones

Red Semi-Precious Stones

Pink & Purple Semi-Precious Stones

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