About Red Natural Stones & Marble

Red natural stone is available in a variety of pinks, crimsons, scarlets, and more. It is used to create some of the most striking and distinctive red stone furniture, tiles, and cladding, both as the dominant stone and to add red accents and highlights alongside other types and colors of natural stone.


The Davani Group’s collection of red natural stone includes a diverse array of stone types that include red marble, red granite, red quartzite, red travertine, red porphyry, and red onyx.


Our marble buyers work closely with a curated international network of quarries to select only the highest quality blocks of red natural stone for use in our furniture, tiles, cladding, and custom fabrication projects.


The Davani Group’s clients can choose from over 30 types of red natural stone with a diverse selection of properties, colors, patterns, and finishes. Among many others, our collection includes:

  • Rosso Laguna, a deep red marble with gray veins. 
  • Rosso Verona, a red marble from Italy with pink granules on a dark red background.
  • Travertino Rosso, a vivid red travertine.
  • Black Beauty Granite, an outstanding red and black stone. 
  • Harlequin Granite, a red and green stone. 
  • Iron Red, a unique red granite quarried in Brazil that features bright crimson and ruby-red banding with contrasting areas of dark gray.

We also source and stock a comprehensive range of red semi-precious stones, including red agate and red jasper.

In addition to our wide range of Italian designer natural stone furniture and tiles, our clients can select any of the red stone types in our collection for use in custom projects. We will source the perfect red stone, ship it to our workshops in Italy, and deliver the final product anywhere in the world.

Red Limestone

Red Travertine

Red Onyx

Red Quartz & Quartzite

Red Semi-Precious Stones

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