Pink and Rose Marble

Pink-rose marbles range from light-colored marbles with a delicate pink blush such as Rosa Portogallo from Portugal to darker marbles with pink and red veins such as Cipollino Ondulato Rosso from Italy.


Marble is a metamorphic natural stone formed when limestone and dolomite are subject to the heat and pressure of the earth’s crust. Although pure marbles are white, minerals such as iron ore and feldspar color pink-rose marble with a multitude of pink-red hues and shades.


Pink-rose marble is used in many applications, including furniture and tiles. It is frequently chosen by architects to clad the exterior of prestige building projects.


The Davani Group sources pink-rose marble blocks direct from the quarry, selecting only the finest blocks for tables, seating, bathtubs, vanities, tiles, and more. Marble furniture and tiles can be fabricated in pink-rose marble, and we are happy to use pink-rose marble in custom pieces for our clients.

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