Grey Natural Stones & Marble

The Davani Group uses grey natural stone of many varieties, patterns, and shades for custom natural stone furniture, decor, and architectural features.


Grey natural stone is one of the largest categories of natural stone. Our natural stone catalog contains over 80 varieties, from the delicate white and grey of the world-renowned Calacatta marble, to the grey speckles of Grey Goose granite, to the lustrous black and silver of Silver Wave marble.


Our clients can choose these marbles, travertines, onyxes, granites, slates, and more for custom fabrication projects. We employ grey marble and natural stone in a wide selection of custom projects, including:

  • Tables, chairs, and other furniture.
  • Cabinetry and case goods.
  • Bathtubs, sinks, and vanities.
  • Floor and wall tiles.
  • Cladding and facades.
  • Custom reception desks.


Our expert marble buyers visit quarries around the world to source natural stone so that only the best quality stone blocks reach our workshop in Italy. In the workshop, some of the most experienced stonemasons and sculptors in the world transform the blocks into custom pieces for our clients, who include architects, interior designers, developers, and contractors.


Once we’re satisfied that every item meets our stringent standards, we transport the finished product anywhere in the world.


To talk to a natural stone consultant about your custom furniture or decor project, contact us by phone or email or leave a message in the instant chat on this page.

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