Green Natural Stone & Marble

The Davani Group sources green marble, onyx, granite, labradorite, malachite and more for the fabrication of natural stone furniture, tiles, cladding, and custom projects for clients in construction, interior design, and architecture. We source the green natural stone in our collection direct from quarries around the world to guarantee that only the highest-quality green stone blocks are used in our Italian workshops.


Green natural stone is a broad category with colors that range from the lightest touch of green to subtle jades, dark inky blue-greens, and brilliant emeralds. Many of our green natural stones combine green with other colors, including whites, grays, reds, blues.


Among the standout green natural stones in our collection are:

  • Onice Smeraldo, a green onyx with complex green, yellow, and cream banding quarried in Pakistan. Onice Smeraldo is ideal for both internal and external use in furniture, pavers, and cladding.
  • Harlequin, a striking green granite with contrasting areas of dark red.
  • Verdi Alpi, a green marble from Italy with contrasting light green veins.


Contact one of our natural stone experts today to learn how we source green stone from across the world for custom natural stone furniture and interior decor that includes tables, reception desks, seating, bathtubs, sinks, floor and wall tiles, and many other products.

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