Luxury Granite Stones


Granite is a hardwearing natural stone widely used for cladding and tiles, as a construction material, and in the fabrication of natural stone furniture and countertops. As a harder and more weather-resistant stone than marble or travertine, granite is well suited for use outdoors and in applications where scratch-resistance is a priority.


Granite is largely composed of minerals such as quartz and feldspar, with smaller amounts of other minerals arranged in an interlocking pattern of crystals. The mix of additional minerals determines the color of a granite block. The most common granite colors are white, black, and beige, but granite is also available in an enormous variety of other colors, including blue, red, and green.


The Davani Group sources many different types of granite from quarries around the world for use in natural stone furniture, cladding, stone tiles, bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs, and a variety of custom design and fabrication projects on behalf of our clients.

Black Granite

Green Granite

Gold Granite

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