Carrara Italian Marble

Carrara marble is a grey-white marble that artists, furniture makers, and builders have used for thousands of years. Dozens of the most admired artworks and architecture in the world were sculpted from or clad with Carrara marble.


The color of Carrara marble depends on compounds present in the original limestone as enormous pressures and temperatures transformed it into marble. The marble is classified according to the color of its background and veining. Colors range from the consistent light grays of Bianco Carrara to the rare and sought-after golden veining of Carrara Gold.


The Davani Group sources blocks of Carrara marble from quarries in the Apuan Mountains in Carrara, Italy, where it has been quarried for many millennia. In our Italian workshops, artisans carve blocks of Carrara marble into a wide array of furniture designed by leading Italian designers as well as custom pieces created for our clients.

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