Calacatta Italian Marble

Calacatta marble is among the most beautiful and sought-after marbles in the world. Its pure white background and dramatic gray veins make Calacatta the ideal choice for luxury natural stone furniture and building projects.


Like Carrara marble, Calacatta is mined in the Apuan Mountains of the Carrara area of Tuscany, Italy. However, Carrara has a distinctive gray or off-white background and less defined veining, whereas Calacatta marble has a white background due to the purity of the calcite.


Calacatta marble has been used in the most prestigious buildings and furniture for many centuries. The Davani Group sources the finest blocks of Calacatta marble, those with the whitest background and most pleasing vein pattern, direct from the quarry. We transport whole blocks to our workshop in Italy, where expert artisans carve them into a wide variety of tables, reception desks, seating, cladding, and custom artifacts based on our clients’ designs.

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