Brown Quartz & Quartzite

Brown quartz and quartzite are durable, scratch-resistant, and available in a diverse selection of colors and patterns. Both stones can be polished to reveal beautiful and lustrous patterning. They are resistant to chemical weathering, which makes quartz and quartzite ideal for outdoor and indoor furniture, tiles, cladding, and more.


The Davani Group provides conception-to-delivery fabrication services for custom brown quartz and quartzite furniture, tiling, and architectural features. Our natural stone experts will turn your designs into technical drawings, source your choice of brown quartz and quartzite, manage fabrication in our Italian workshop, and deliver the finished items anywhere in the world.


What is Brown Quartz and Quartzite?


Brown quartz and brown quartzite are made of the same ingredients—quartz crystals—but they come into being through different processes. Brown quartzite is a natural stone, a metamorphic rock created when quartz sandstone is heated and compressed under tectonic forces. Brown quartz is an engineered stone, formed from the same quartz crystals with the addition of resins, pigments, and other materials.


Quartz and quartzite are naturally white or grey, but the presence of minerals such as iron oxide in quartzite and pigments in quartz creates finely patterned stone in a range of colors. The Davani Group sources many varieties of brown quartz and quartzite from quarries and manufacturers around the world, including the uniform warm brown of Quartzite Chocolate Brown; the intricate browns, pinks, and reds of Copper Dune Quartzite, and Stonewood, which mimics the ring pattern of tree trunks.

Brown Quartz & Quartzite

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