Beige Limestone & Travertine

Beige limestones provide warm tones and subtle coloration ideal for indoor and outdoor tiles, paving, cladding, and natural stone furniture. Beige limestones range in color from delicate creams to darker café creme and grey varieties. Beige limestones used in custom furniture and tiles have surface features that include both the familiar speckled texture of limestone and layered varieties that reflect limestone’s origin as a sedimentary rock.


Limestone forms deep under the ocean. Over eons, layers of carbonate gather from the bones of marine animals that fall to the ocean floor. Under the intense pressure of the water above, limestone forms into the crystalline structure we use in many buildings and furniture applications. Beige limestone is primarily composed of calcite and aragonite, which are white. The color of beige limestone comes from the smaller quantities of other minerals and clays that are mixed with the carbonate material when the rock formed.


Our stone inventory includes many varieties of beige limestone, which we source directly from the quarry. Davani Group customers can choose any of the limestones in our catalog for custom tiles, cladding, furniture, bathtubs, and more. Highlights of our inventory include the warm yellow-beige of Amani Beige, the popular Crema Marfil “Classic,” and the beautifully layered patterns of Striato Bianco.

Beige Travertine

Beige Limestone

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