Custom Marble Reception Desks

Make the perfect first impression with a custom marble reception desk. Whether you desire a unique receptionist desk for a hospitality project, residential lobby, office, or any other location, The Davani Group’s designers and engineers will work with you throughout the design, fabrication, delivery, and installation of your custom reception desk.

  • We design original marble desks according to client specifications or by reverse engineering existing designs.
  • We consult on materials, color palettes, budgets, and placement to ensure custom receptionists’ desks fulfill every expectation.
  • We source materials directly from the quarries. Our unparalleled network allows us to source a vast range of premium natural stone and other natural materials.
  • Marble craftsmen fabricate every custom-made reception desk to the highest specifications in our Italian workshops.
  • We ship your desk anywhere in the world using specialist transportation providers, and our engineers and project managers oversee installation.

Reception desk in Calacatta marble

Your Choice of Marble or Natural Stone


The Davani Group sources marble directly from the quarry. We work with quarries around the world, allowing us to source an unmatched range of marble, travertine, quartzite, onyx, and more. We select only the finest blocks of natural stone for marble reception desks, which are often carved from a single block of marble.


Clients can choose any of dozens of marbles for their custom reception desk. Our natural stone catalog includes the famed white and grey marbles such as Calacatta and Carrara, as well as red, green, beige, gold, black, and blue marbles.

White marble desks and black marble desks are particularly popular, but we have the ability to craft marble desks in any combination of colors and materials.

A Unique Marble Reception Desk Hand-Crafted in Italy


We transport marble blocks from quarries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia to our workshop in Italy. Master artisans combine traditional marble-working and modern production techniques to create marble reception desks of unmatched quality and appearance.


The workshop is located in an area with a tradition of marble fabrication that stretches back centuries, and many of the artisans who will work on your custom reception desk are descended from generations of sculptors and stonemasons.

An interior walkway with Roman travertine pillars.

Working with The Davani Group


The Davani Group works with architects, interior designers, building contractors, and furniture designers. We specialize in luxury custom marble furniture, including custom reception desks. Our marble design, fabrication, sourcing, and transport professionals deliver impeccable service to business clients who demand the highest possible standards.


We manage custom-made reception desk projects from inception to delivery, maintaining close contact with clients throughout to ensure that their desk meets every need and expectation.

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