Nabhi Bowl no. 9 – a marble sink for any space

Nabhi Bowl no. 9 – a marble sink for any space

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso

At the Davani Group, we believe art should be what you live with, in the spaces of your “every day”. We curate the most elegant designs combined with the natural materials that are the nature’s artwork. Utilizing these resources of nature and human creativity, our goal is to add a heightened level of luxury and beauty to daily life.


One example of this pursuit is the stunning Nabhi Bowl no. 9 by Kreoo.

Kreoo Nabhi bowl no. 9 in Sodalite


The Nabhi bowl is designed as a nuanced take on the classic rectangular sink. It is engineered to showcase a balance of clean lines, contrasted with soft, curving corners. This subtle, nuanced balance elevates a simple rectangular design to the status of a masterpiece.


Kreoo Nabhi bowl no. 9 iand Tray n Grigio St. Marie with Stick Easel in Gray Larch


This sink was thoughtfully designed by world renowned Italian artisan, Enzo Berti. The same designer responsible for Kreoo’s iconic PAVE stone seating. The Nabhi bowl no. 9 features extremely thin sides. Only 2 cm thick!


This precision is accomplished in Italy by a combination of both cutting-edge technology along with and the hand-carving efforts of highly trained sculptors.


Kreoo Nabhi bowl no. 9 with Tray, Risers, and Merletto wall tile in Bianco del Re


The minimalist shape of this elegant design allows for the beauty of each marble block to shine through in all its one-of-a-kind glory. As every item The Davani Group sources is crafted with unique, natural materials, no two sinks are EVER the same!


Kreoo Nabhi bowl no. 9 in Persian Gray

Kreoo Nabhi bowl no. 9 in Persian Gray


This versatility is exemplified in the wide variety of spaces and design styles that the sink can be suited to. The simple design is subtle enough for use in styles ranging from a large-scale contemporary, corporate lobby bath, to a quirky, transitional, powder room. The simple design can function as a centerpiece, or a delightful accent to other design elements.

To learn more about the Nabhi Bowl no. 9, download the spec sheet today.

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