Modern Table Design Ideas: 7 Trends for 2021

purity conference table

Modern Table Design Ideas: 7 Trends for 2021

When it comes to aesthetics and functionality for conference tables, there is one option that shines above all the rest.

It is Davani’s stone conference table, which is part of the stunning Purity collection. This sleek and sprawling luxury conference table is the ideal centerpiece that completes any workplace it is featured in. With a calm-inducing energy shaped by its modern design, this stone conference table is one you should consider placing in your office or meeting space.

This is a luxury stone conference table that was inspired by classic designs seen in Italian marble and travertine, while also giving the nod to the modern design schemes popular today. There are modern amenities included to modernize the classic nature of this luxury conference table, including the following. 


Here are all of the modern design trends that lend to this table being an exclusive selection for conference and meeting rooms around the world.

Charge Ports

Tucked away within the stone conference table are pop-up charge ports. The charge ports in this luxury conference table have been designed with business needs in mind. These stay flush with the table and discreet when not in use, but can be made readily available when needed. There is even a wireless charging feature included that can charge a variety of devices. Both USB and traditional outlets are included.

concealed wireless charge port in a modern conference table
Pop-up USB charge station in the center of the conference table

Concealed Storage

Sometimes, there is a need to stow away items, yet the desire to keep a meeting room looking spartan or aesthetically-pleasing. The solution to that is the inclusion of concealed storage within this luxury conference table. Each storage drawer installed into the table features a roomy interior. They can be pulled from the bottom, keeping them flush with the rest of the table. 

Recessed Lighting

A luxe feature of this stone conference table is the included recessed floor lighting. Besides adding a special touch to the table, it also acts as a supporting element for things like slide presentations. By highlighting the natural aesthetic features of the table, the Italian travertine stone becomes displayed in all its classical yet modern style. Enjoy a soft and warm glow during meetings, presentations, and calls when lighted are dimmed, thanks to the 3500K LED lights.

Our stone dining table with soft yellow recessed lighting
round stone coffee table with fluted base

Sustainable Materials

The raw materials sourced for this stone table come from sustainable sources to ensure that minimal impact and degradation to the environment occurs. This commitment to sustainability is one of Davani’s core tenets Davani that comes with every item in its collection.

Minimalist Design 

The minimalist design captures the sleek and contemporary style that is highly sought after by a growing number of businesses today. Its inclusion in the Purity collection encapsulates its commitment to being as pure as possible, without any cluttering elements grasping for the attention of those using it. The clean lines and beveled edges act as accent features that hide away rather than steal the show.

Comfortable Seating

There is plenty of comfortable seating around this stone conference table. At its full length, there is room for up to 10 people. That is thanks to the 350 cm of stretched out space and 100 cm of width, placed atop a rock-solid platform that is 73 cm in height.

purity luxury stone dining table

Multi-Purpose Use

While this stone conference table is intended to be primarily used for presentations and meetings, it can also be used in social settings. In fact, blending work and social use is something that has proven to be quite a popular blend. Given it being a far cry from most conference tables out there, you can enjoy the hybrid fusion of both.

Enjoy The Latest Modern Design Trends


This luxury stone conference table is sophisticated and refined. Its unparalleled design aesthetic and material choice encapsulate it as something so pure and functional that it provides both in a seamless manner. Conference rooms will feel open yet cozy, thanks to the exclusive design elements included with this stone conference table. With room for up to 10 people and modern touches, you can be sure that this modern engineering marvel will provide a tremendous amount of benefit to any space it is placed into.


You can contact The Davani Group today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this new addition to Davani’s Purity collection.

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