Modern Fireplaces and Mantels by The Davani Group

A minimialist, luxury black slate fireplace with black marble accents

Modern Fireplaces and Mantels by The Davani Group

Feel the Heat of Luxury

Fire is a dynamic, “living” element. Elevating living spaces to a higher plane of luxury.

Today in the world of elite design, luxury marble fireplaces are an opportunity to demonstrate limitless style and creativity. 

Customized stone hearths can be made to work with any type of fireplace. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to make a fireplace your own!

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One way to bring fresh life to a time-tested design is through juxtaposition.

Find a style you love and chose a material or color palette that stands out. Instead of a traditional style fireplace in a classic color like beige, try a wild color or eye-catching vein pattern. 

We suggest Verde Ming, Calacatta Viola, or any of the exotic and rare stones available from around the world through The Davani Group.

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Go for functional

A well-designed fireplace with a stone ledge can double as comfortable bench seating. Perfect for lounging on cold winter nights.

Consider cladding Built-ins, hideaway TVs, shelving and more in a matching or contrasting marble.

A beige stonefireplace in a luxury home

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Go big at home!

One of our favorite uses for marble is creating a floor-to-ceiling art installation in the normal, everyday spaces where we live our lives. Marble is nature’s artwork. Who says a living room wall can’t be the canvas of a masterpiece?

Try mixing mediums and colors. An organic veined stone contrasted with wood or metal panels can create a truly unique environment.

Photo by Cafein

Play with Gometry

Playing with Geometry can result in fascinating visual effects. Capitalize on the room’s other features, like built-ins, windows, even paintings and artwork to create a pattern of shapes and colors that is sure to mesmerize.

A minimialist fireplace with cappuccino brown onyx

Photo by Portier

A grey marble luxury fireplace with roaring fire

Photo by Portier

At The Davani Group, our mission is to give you access to the finest materials, ideas, and artistry the world has to offer.

Our expert stone consultants are here to help you through the process of customizing your next marble installation – from selecting the perfect material for your tastes, to working with the world’s best sculptors to expertly carve out the final product.

Book an appointment today and make your design dreams a reality.

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