Marble Trends: Matte Black Fixtures & White Marble

Matte black fixtures in white marble bathroom

Marble Trends: Matte Black Fixtures & White Marble

Hop on the Black & White Bandwagon…

Marble’s natural refinement makes it difficult to tip the scales into “overly” trendy.  Stone designs always come out looking timeless.  But even timeless marble has its own set of trends. One of our favorites at The Davani Group is pairing marble with different metals.

Metals are a gorgeous contrast against the cool sheen of natural marble. Over the years preferences have shifted from brass, to brushed nickel, to copper and back again.

Today we’re highlighting a stunning combination that’s gaining popularity: matte black fixtures on white marble.

Matte black fixtures in white marble bathroom

This stunning white bathroom with black fixtures is the first shot that hooked us onto this trend. It’s a work of art, beautifully done.  A combination that sets off every element to advantage.

Matte black sink and white stone bath

We could just stare at this bathroom forever.  The movement of the grey veining in this marble-slab backsplash contrasts beautifully against the clean lines of the matte black bathroom fixtures. The matte black fixtures adds a softness that pairs with the subtle grayscale and keeps this room from looking too sharp.

Black showerhead on white tile bathroom

This minimalist gem is a work of art! Natural light and horizontal Carrara marble tile showcases the exquisite matte black shower fixtures. It’s like bathing inside a painting!

Kore white marble bathrub with black pedestal footing

Bathrooms aren’t just about shower walls though! A sleek, freestanding marble tub like Kora, with its matte black supports,  is the perfect artistic centerpiece for a modern bath remodel.

White marble with black accent traditional kitchen

Matte black fixtures are just as chic in the kitchen!  We love this white kitchen with black fixtures, especially the black washbasins and the quirky adjustable light in this modern marble kitchen.  Green plants and tan stools add some warmth and liveliness to the cool tones and clean lines.

Traditional black & white bathroom

This matte black trend isn’t always starkly modern – this sweet, updated traditional bathroom with matte black fixtures features copper hardware and mirrors to brighten up this cheery space.

If you want to hop on the black and marble bandwagon, you’re not limited to fixtures alone. Furniture elements like Moon stools, with black steel stands and dozens of marble options, are a sleek and flexible option.

Black showerhead on white and brown marble wall

…Yes, we know this article is supposed to be black and white, but if that’s too monochrome for your tastes, have no fear.  Matte black fixtures are a dream on colored marble too! Like this luscious caramel-colored marble slab.

Or this masculine, teal and grey spa.

So what do you think of the Matte Black on Marble trend? Could you see this concept working in your home? Comment below and share your design plans.

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