Luxury Hotel Reception Desks | Custom Marble

Modern White Reception Desk | Davani

Luxury Hotel Reception Desks | Custom Marble

Luxury hotels offer unparalleled hospitality and the experience starts from the moment patrons walk through the doors.

One of the first experiences that a customer will have in your hotel will be the lobby and the jewel of the lobby that will draw their eyes is the hotel reception desk.

You want your customers to be in awe and drawn into an experience that they will not forget, and your hotel reception desk is the best way to accomplish this.

The right reception desk design can be a make or break moment in your interactions with customers and should be given extra attention.

Hotel Reception Desks That Make A Statement 

Stone Reception Desk | Davani

First impressions matters and you should strive to make a statement every chance you get. Creating a custom reception

desk that captures the essence of your hotel can be daunting, but with access to the right designers and the best materials the process couldn’t be simpler.

At The Davani Group hotel reception desk design is second nature to our team and we have experience creating some of the finest designs for those

with discerning taste.

Our hotel reception desk designs can be seen in the lobbies of hotels from the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Arizona to the Kimpton Hotel in

Miami Beach.

Making a statement counts and with the world’s best Italian marble, custom stones and innovative designs, we can take your hotel lobby to the next level.

Custom Design

Sometimes you need even more than your average statement. Standing out means being one of a kind and if you have a specific vision you wanttobring to life in your hotel reception desk design, our team is what you need.

The Davani Group’s design team has years of experience with custom reception desks and have helped bring our clients’ hotel reception desk visions to life and can help bring your hotel reception desk dream to life too.


If your hotel exudes extravagance then you need a luxury reception desk that goes the extra mile in greeting guests. From the moment your guest

walks in they should feel that they are having a one of a kind experience.


Custom Hotel Reception Desk | Davani

Custom designs are often the only way to get the level of luxury you need to achieve this level of sophistication.

We have custom marble and stone in every shade imaginable and even imported Italian semi-precious stones that scream luxury in shades you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Stone Reception Desk For Hotel Lobby 

Stone Reception Desk designed by HBA | Davani

Strong statement pieces that cannot be duplicated need materials of the highest quality in rare shades with custom designs.

Setting a traditional and dignified design as your hotel lobby’s aesthetic can only be achieved if you start with the right foundation, which comes with the right stone material.



If this sounds like what you are looking for, then a custom stone reception desk could be what you need.

We offer stone finishes from petrified wood in multiple shades to quartz, agate, malachite and jasper that can be matched with your overall design direction.


Granite reception desks for hotel lobbies offers another unique stone option for you to explore. The Davani Group offers granite reception desks in red, blue, white, brown and many other shades.

Granite hotel reception desks are not the norm and definitely a unique choice that can help set your lobby apart from anything your guest has seen before.


Granite Reception Desk | Davani

Modern Designs For Modern Spaces 

Stone Reception Desk | Davani

Traditional designs are not for everyone. Some hotels and aesthetics call for a sleek and modern take on the hotel lobby.

Whether you are looking for a modern white reception desk, a modern black reception or a specific bright shade that gets your guests attention, The Davani Group has what you need.

Sleek designs made of clean sharp marble or stone can be crafted to your specific needs to pull your hotel lobby vision together.


Modern White Reception Desk 

A modern white reception desk is a popular choice for a clean contemporary look and The Davani Group has no shortage of options for white stone and marble materials.

Whether you are looking for the classic feel of pure white Italian marble without a trace of another color like our Afyon White collection and Branco Polar marble, or a more classic white marble color and texture like our Calacatta or Bianco collection, we have the choices available that can give you the clean design you need.


How The Davani Group Can Elevate Your Hotel Reception Desk Design 

Custom Stone Reception Desk | Davani

A luxury reception desk is more than just a desk in your hotel lobby, it can be the centerpiece that sets the tone of your entire establishment.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary and modern white reception desk or a classic stone reception desk The Davani Group has what you need to elevate your hotel lobby.


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