The Best Luxury Bathroom and Spa Trends of 2021

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The Best Luxury Bathroom and Spa Trends of 2021

Trends to Create Your Dream Bathroom 

Luxury bathrooms continue to trend towards sleek, minimalist designs. This has resulted in simple, unique bathrooms where the main components (bath, sink, shower, etc.) are not just utilities; They are the primary design elements. We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite bathroom trends in 2021 that we hope never go out of style.

Marble Features 

It’s hard to say that marble is a trend considering it has been popular since ancient times. Still, this timeless construction material continues to stun users with its elegance. Marble sinks, bathtubs, accent walls, and floors are excellent options for anyone looking to build a trendy bathroom that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

White Grey Marble Cabinet Doors | The Davani Group

Minimal Designs 

The concept of luxury is changing. Gone are the days of packing a bathroom with shiny expensive decor; now, people are trending to simple, minimalist stylings, accented with soft natural tones and gentle lighting. Natural materials like stone and wood are reigning supreme, helping to create a space that people will never want to leave.

Floating Vanities 

Floating vanities are extremely popular and with good reason. They’re ultra-modern and industrial, yet elegant. They’re subtle yet impossible to miss and the perfect design element if you want your bathroom to feel like a day at the spa. The floating vanity pictured below is brilliantly minimalist with a custom engraved etching on the facade.

MERIDIAN Spa | The Davani Group

Pedestal Sinks 

If floating vanities aren’t what you’re after,  then it must be because you were waiting out for these stunning pedestal sinks. These simple geometric stone pedestal sinks are a completely new take on what could be considered a classic pedestal sink. Their strictly vertical construction means they are a great option for people looking to save a little bit of space in their bathroom design.

Pedestal Sink | The Davani Group

Stone Bathtubs

Porcelain will forever be a staple of bathtub building materials, but for those who seek a more modern take on luxury, the bathtub material of choice has to be stone. This square solid stone bathtub is industrial, eye-catching, and perfect for anyone looking to create a luxury spa environment in their home. This particular tub comes with an optional armrest, beverage shelf, and side bench, perfect for an evening of relaxation.

MARIDIAN Bathtub Bench | The Davani Group

The trends above outline the perfect formula for a beautiful luxury bathroom perfectly staged for 2021.  With these design ideas at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem creating the spa of your dreams right in the heart of your own home.

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