The Kanbina Collection is a product made with a content recycled of marble and other stones between 98.6% and 99.4%


Created using environmentally-friendly recycling and waste product reuse system.


Ideal for floors, wall-cladding, kitchen tops, bathroom surfaces, and interior design.

The Kanbina Collection: Eco-Friendly Natural Stone

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Natural Stone Characteristics

The Kanbina Collection produces stone materials as part of an eco-sustainable cycle: waste products from the processing of marble and natural stone are recycled and made into environmentally friendly slabs through the use of a non-toxic and bicomponent resin.

LEED & BREEAM Certified

The whole process allows an average of 80% of the starting material to be salvaged and results in products between 98,6 % and 99,4% recycled content that could contribute to compliance with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) standards for assessing the environmental performance of buildings.

Stone Texture

The end result of The Kanbina Collection’s ecological production cycle is the creation of a homogeneous material with a typical layered texture resulting from the combination and overlapping of stone slabs. While to the touch the finish of the eco-friendly slabs is the same as smooth, polished and leathered marble, the consistency of the material prevents there being noticeable differences or intersections between the layers of recycled waste material.

Multiple applications

The Kanbina Collection products are:

  • guaranteed for residential and commercial indoor use;
  • ideal for floors, walls, kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces;
  • perfect for interior design;
  • suitable for creating furniture;
  • useful for customising house and work spaces;
  • resistant and easy to maintain.


Eclectic materials

The union of tradition and modernity in The Kanbina Collection seven stone variants highlights the latest trends in interior design with the beautiful colours of the Apuan marbles and the multi-layered effect. At the same time, they give substance to original decorative expressions that range from the remake of the classics to the creation of fine material details, from the convergence of style to the development of unique application possibilities.

The eclecticism of Kanbina meets the needs of those looking for highly aesthetic, high quality floors or walls with a versatile material that is completely environmentally friendly.

Bringing new life to waste products, a new texture made up of stone cuttings: customise your own style while respecting the environment.


The natural beauty from the heart of the Apuan Alps

The Kanbina Collection production process uses mainly Apuan marble but also waste products from other stone machining processes in combination with natural heterogeneous materials. The latter feature allows for a bespoke product in response to specific interior design, taste and style preferences.

Whatever the project, for Kanbina it represents an opportunity to pass on its values: natural stone, beauty, timeless quality and eco-friendly materials. For architects, interior designers, marble workers, dealers and end customers, The Kanbina Collection ensures the best solution for all requirements.

Kanbina stones can be divided into seven basic product lines: Calacatta, Carrara Mix, Bardiglio, Carrara White, Statuary, Cardoso Stone, Grey Stone. Each stone is studied, designed and built in our laboratory in Pietrasanta. Every stone follows the recycling philosophy that adds value and charm to the finest Carrara marble with extraordinary application and expression possibilities.

Eco-Friendly Materials Available



Bianco Carrara


Carrara Mix


Pietra Grey


Collection CONTRASTS

The idea comes up from the will to emphasize the contradictions of natural resource waste. Here the eco-friendly marble is recovered and assembled to make a 3D module.

This module has been finished to highlight the contrast of the linear and geometric side with the random texture that emerge with the cnc machine.

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