Kanbina Collection

The Kanbina Collection is an innovative range of natural stone slabs that combine the beauty and durability of marble with sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrication techniques. Kanbina slabs are an elegant and versatile material for flooring, cladding, staircases, worktops, and more.

Fabricated from natural stone sourced from around the world, Kanbina slabs are available in a range of sizes, marble types, and finishes. As the only LEED and BREEAM certified natural stone slabs on the market, the Kanbina Collection is chosen by architects and designers who are committed to sustainable construction practices.

To find out more about the Kanbina Collection’s sustainable, durable, and easy to install natural stone slabs, contact us for a free initial consultation.


Bianco Carrara



Carrara Mix


Pietra Grey



Sustainable Natural Stone

When artisans cut marble slabs to size, they typically discard excess material. For the Kanbina Collection, we rescue the best offcuts, shape them to a standard size, and artfully combine them to create a durable and environmentally sustainable building material.

Slabs in the Kanbina Collection are made of the same high-quality natural stone as The Davani Group’s whole-stone slabs and tiles. Our engineers have developed innovative fabrication techniques that allow us to create long-lasting joints between marble sections with minimal grouting — each slab is 99 percent marble and only 1 percent resin.

A Versatile Natural Construction Material

As with all of The Davani Group’s luxury stone products, for the Kanbina Collection, our expert marble buyers source the best natural stone from quarries around the world. We fabricate Kanbina slabs from several types of natural stone, including:

  • Italian White Carrara
  • A Carrara Mix
  • Grey Imperial Bardiglio
  • Calacatta
  • Statuario
  • Pietra Cardoso

Slabs are also available in a variety of finishes, including polished, honed, and velvet finishes.


As a natural product of geology, marble is more environmentally friendly and longer-lasting  than many synthetic alternatives, but the Kanbina Collection takes sustainability to a new level. Kanbina Collection slabs are compliant with these international sustainability standards:

  • BREEAM Certified — The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method is the leading international sustainability standard for infrastructure and buildings.
  • LEED Certified — The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is the most widely used rating system for green buildings.

The Kanbina marble sourcing and fabrication process is designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact. Because the Kanbina Collection is BREEAM and LEED certified, it is the ideal choice for green building projects, including those that intend to leverage green tax credits and other financial incentives for sustainable development.

Easy Installation Natural Stone Slabs

Kanbina slabs are available as fixed-size panels that measure 300 cm by 157 cm with two thickness options: 14 mm and 24 mm. We can also supply panels that are cut to size to meet the needs of individual projects. Because of their size, Kanbina Collection panels can be installed more quickly and efficiently than standard marble tiles, reducing the time and expense of installation.

To find out more about the Kanbina Collection’s sustainable, durable, and easy to install natural stone slabs, contact us for a free initial consultation.


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