Ideas for Decorative Interior Columns

Ideas for Decorative Interior Columns

Ideas for Decorative Interior Columns

Interior columns are an ideal addition to any architectural project because they are a versatile way to add flair, elegance and structure to practically any part of the home.

Whether  an interior house pillar that draws the eye to specific parts of the home or an exterior edifice, decorative columns can give a rich and beautiful feel to your home. This is especially true if they’re marble. Statement pieces like marble columns can be used inside your home, but they’re also perfect for outdoor locations like gardens or exterior entryways. 

Looking for ideas on where you can add interior columns or marble pillars? Read our suggestions below. 

Interior Column Ideas

Sitting Room Columns

Sitting rooms are often reserved for family gatherings, special occasions and group functions. A marble column in this segment of the home immediately adds to the special mood that such a room has.

Sitting rooms as well as dining areas and grand rooms all have the potential to offer a special experience to anyone using them. An interior column ensures that the experience is an unforgettable one by ensuring a stylish environment. 

Entryway Columns

How can you make an immediate impression before someone even walks into a room? 

The entrance. Interior columns are an excellent choice for entryways and walkways inside the home as you transition from one area of the home into another. Columns can make entryways one of the most breathtaking and captivating parts of any room, setting the tone on what guests can expect throughout the home. 

They can also help lead people between rooms and express a strong experience for those who walk past them. Complementing interior columns with strong arch designs can further create a sense of grandeur in your home.  

Living Room Columns

The living room is the most widely used part of most people’s homes and a living room column can add unmatched beauty and strength in this space.

No two living rooms need to be alike, and stone or marble indoor decorative columns can add an innovative aesthetic. Your living room columns can transform your living space for unparalleled, constant comfort and style.

Indoor Decorative Columns

Columns don’t always have to be functional load bearing parts of your home. They can also be used simply to accent or complement other aspects of your living space. Pillars can also be placed in creative ways, such as using half columns to create partially blocked views and not extend all the way from floor to ceiling.

Any room can benefit from a column depending on how you style it. A small room, for example, could benefit from small marble pillars to create depth and give the room more quality.  

Indoor decorative columns are an exciting addition to make to any room. Since they are purely for aesthetic purposes, you can select from any number of colors, stones and designs to fit seamlessly into your existing design. You can even choose interior house pillars to go into unconventional and unexpected parts of the home, creating eye-catching and daring designs for any segment of your house.  

Design Advice for Marble Columns

Marble is back, and so are standout pieces in both indoor and outdoor design. Statement pieces like marble columns can be used both inside your home and in outdoor locations like the garden or an exterior entryway. 

Gone is the belief that marble and stone are heavy-handed or over the top. More people are seeing how the addition of marble and stone in their home design can take a ho-hum room and take it to the next level. Stone and marble pillars are a natural choice for those who want to give their living space a transformative flair.

Wondering how to incorporate marble columns into your home in a natural and classic way? We have some guidance for you below. 

Use Marble Columns to Define Space

Marble columns are an excellent way to delineate a space. 

These columns can help in an open-concept format and are useful regardless of the size of your room.

While walls would be too stuffy or confining in some spaces, a marble column can give the same level of organization but preserve the airy and open space concept. They can be added in everything from a studio apartment to a large home to help easily and naturally add clear demarcation to space and define its intended usage without walls. 

Add Beauty Indoors and Outdoors with Marble Pillars

Marble pillars can also be added to create beauty and increase the aesthetic value of your rooms and home.

A marble column can invoke strong classic themes and an aura that demands attention. Few pieces of construction can add such a luxurious aura atmosphere with so little effort. Even a small marble pillar set in a decorative manner can change the entire feel of a room.

Add Texture & Creativity

Not only can marble columns add a classic feel and design, they can also add unique and contemporary touches that feel polished and match a more modern home. Marble columns can be made from a number of shades and textures including limestone, granite and more. They can fit into even the most creative design concepts, and even one strategically placed column in a unique color or carving can transform a space into something grand.

Detailed Marble Columns

Marble columns give you a great amount of leeway with how they look. Classic Roman and Greek-themed columns, for instance, are ornate and give a lush and luxurious feel to a room. Majestic designs like baroque-inspired themes and intricate art deco styles offer unmatched grandeur. 

Etchings, carvings and intricate fluting can create a glamorous mood, and a range of looks and feels can be achieved by adding a few personal touches on your selected marble column.

Marble Pillars With Minimalistic Design

Not all marble columns need to be grandiose. You can create simple, clean columns with straight edges and little to no decorative features as well.  A marble column can be either a centerpiece to your interior design direction, or can add value as a stoic and refined backdrop. 

For example, the addition of simple black marble columns can help delineate a room without overpowering it or taking over all other design aspects you have in place. Marble pillars ultimately add elegance and prestige to your rooms regardless of the final design you choose for it.

Ideas for Decorative Interior Columns

Thinking About Marble Columns or Decorative Interior House Pillars? Contact The Davani Group

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The Davani Group also constructs marble columns from various stones and in a large number of shades that can each complement any architectural style. You do not need to change the current style or design of your home to be able to add marble columns—we’ll help you find marble pillars that have the specific characteristics you need to make your vision a reality, whether you need decor or a reinforcement column. 

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