HUG Freestanding Washbasin

An embrace between the two most famous natural materials, wood and marble: this is the basic concept from which the washbasin and bathtub of the Hug collection were born, two balanced elements that, although completely different, enhance each other.

HUG, hug in English, is the name that identifies the two new products in the collection. Conceived as a set, they can also be purchased individually.

Marble and wood, natural materials among the noblest, are sewn together with a sartorial soul: the solidity and brightness of the marble welcomes the feeling of warmth and tranquility of eucalyptus wood, an unusual material for the bathroom. A bond that creates two new elegant and at the same time functional products, which when combined together give material uniformity to the bathroom in a timeless style.

Both the bathtub and the washbasin have storage compartments incorporated into the design, visible or, in the case of the washbasin, also retractable, which optimize its use.
The elegance and linearity that characterize the shapes have been designed to be inserted both in hospitality and residential contexts


Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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