Gold and Silver – A History of Elegance

Gold and Silver – A History of Elegance

Gong sinks in Bianco del Re with Gold Leaf finish

Gold and Silver: Luxury for Thousands of Years

From Rome, to Ancient Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, gold has always been the standard of value. Whether crowning royalty, or adorning elite members of society, it has been in use in every sphere of luxury as a symbol of elegance, status and prestige.

Roma freestanding sink in White Onyx with Gold Leaf grooves

Gold is not the only precious metal to make its mark in the esteem of society throughout history. 

Silver has also staked its claim as true luxury. In certain places and moments in history, silver even outstripped gold in value and status! In modern day, this metal has taken top-billing in the world of modern design – where cooler tones rule and subtle, clean and crisp features dominate the landscape in contrast to the rich warmth and opulence of gold.

Panama “woven” tile in Bianco del Re with galvanized steel inserts

Gold and Silver in Modern Design

But regardless of taste or style, designers of all genres are pursuing new avenues of creative thinking, combining gold and silver with other highly valued materials for exquisite hospitality, corporate and interior design. 

The Davani Group specializes in sourcing the world’s most exclusive marble and semi-precious stones along with other natural materials. This pursuit of luxury is more than just as a status symbol. Incorporating gold and silver into every day spaces is a way of elevating daily life. When you value the best, you live in the best. And The Davani Group’s goal is to source the best the world has to offer.

Nodo table in Rose Onyx with Gold inserts

Creativity is truly the only limit when it comes to utilizing gold and silver in interior design. There are many ways to include precious metals into the spaces of everyday life. In combination with skillfully crafted marble furnishings, nearly any standard or custom-made piece from The Davani Group can be embellished with precious and semi-precious materials of all kinds. 

Dark stone backdrop with luxury gold inserts

Ducale Carrè tile in Emperador Dark with Gold inserts

Gold and Silver Luxury Decor

Gold, silver and other semi-precious and exclusive materials can be incorporated with the iconic designs from the Davani Group. These materials can be inlaid into stone itself as with Kreoo’s Ducale collection.

Gong standing sink black stone and gold leaf

Gong freestanding sink in Nero Marquina with Gold Leaf finish

The Davani Group offers gold and silver leaf basin finishes, applicable to nearly any standard or custom sink.

Luxury marble sink with custom gold fixtures

Nabhi Bowl no. 9 sink in Carrara with custom fixtures

Other Precious Metals and Materials

Precious metals can be incorporated as specialty plumbing fixtures, tastefully used to accentuate the unique beauty of a natural marble focal point.

Subtle accents can be as exotic as gold infused slabs of semi-precious stones like Umber Agate and Malachite.

Brown umber agate with gold infusion

Umber Agate gold infused slab

Gold-infused bright green malachite luxury stone

Malachite Alpha gold infused slab

Even other specialty metals are accessible – from bronze accents in the Kreoo Arcaico table, brass inserts in the Kreoo Panama “woven” marble tile and many more! Not to mention endless customizations. Nothing is out of reach with the right team of distributors who have access to the world’s most exclusive materials, and a passion to bring your design to life. 

For more information on gold, silver and other precious materials for interior design, contact an expert consultant from The Davani Group.

Our team is available to advise on how best to incorporate gold and silver into your next residential or hospitality project. From branded and customized furniture pieces to extensive cut-to-size natural stone installations, we’re standing by to offer material selection and fabrication expertise to ensure your next project carries all the storied luxury that gold and silver can offer.

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