Glamour Returns with Vitality

Glamour Returns with Vitality

Glamour’s Glorious Comeback

Glamour. In a world full of stark minimalism, granny-chic and intentional wabi-sabi, creating something truly glamorous may be considered bold. The fact is, in this moment, because they are so rare, glamorous objects have the power to bring joy more than ever before. Case in point: the newest capsule furniture collection from DAVANI, Vitality. A collaboration with Atlanta-based international design studio Annysa LaMantia, Vitality’s sinuous curves and rare materials set it apart from the ordinary. Adding even more intrigue are the furniture’s thoughtful design and the remarkable, almost impossible, engineering required to achieve it.

GLAMOUR COCKTAIL TABLE DAVANI Annysa LaMantia VITALITY marble coffee table

Nature’s Own Glamour

It all started with a lively natural material as inspiration. The movement in richly veined stone, with its long, meandering lines of color, harkened a feeling of motion. Because of that, the designers began to see it is much like circulation through the human body. In turn, the designers’ focus came to rest on the circulatory patterns that develop in the home. Consequently, they focused on the balance, movement and flow of residential spaces as guided by the furnishings within. As the collection took shape, it’s name, Vitality, became self-evident.

DINING TABLE Davani_Vitality_Annysa LaMantia dining room

Synergy Supplants Symmetry

Anthony Davani, Co-founder and Creative Director of DAVANI and Annysa LaMantia, principle of her eponymous studio have innovated a unique, motion-centric style. It finds its center at the heart of the home, the ultimate gathering place: the dining table. An accompanying dining chair, cocktail table and credenza all share the signature dramatic curves and luxurious material mix. The unique natural aesthetic of the materials – stone, wood, metal and leather – hints at an internal visual current. Consequently, as the shapes and materials of the pieces correlate with each other they create a vibrant synergy crucial to the vitality of the space.

Vitality CREDENZA Buffet DAVANI Annysa LaMantia

Experiential Design

Glamour only works when it rests on a foundation of thoughtfulness. “Furniture is as vital to our homes as our organs are to our bodies. The organic liveliness of this collection goes almost beyond biophilia. So it flows right into the pulse of a well-designed home.” says Davani. “Each piece of furniture should be as unique and diverse as the human form—intriguing and aesthetically pleasing from every angle. The pieces in Vitality become functional art. They’re to be used, lived with and experienced in multiple ways,” adds LaMantia.

Glamour CREDENZA Buffet DAVANI Annysa LaMantia VITALITY

First of its Kind

Vitality marks the first capsule furniture collection for Annysa LaMantia as a studio, which is globally renowned for its high end, vibrant interior design work. Before establishing her eponymous studio, LaMantia undertook specialized product design training with renowned furniture designer Maurizio Manzoni at Studio Memo in Florence. As a studio, Annysa LaMantia combines creative thinking and unrivalled knowledge of rare materials with a dedication to high-quality production and craftsmanship. These are values they share with DAVANI. So, in partnering with DAVANI, the studio has been able to create a collection that reflects both brands’ visionary natures. It also exemplifies the high level of bespoke craftsmanship and artistry that is at the core of all that Annysa LaMantia and DAVANI produce. So while there’s no denying the glamour here, it springs from minds who revere the true tenets of luxury.

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