Pure Table: A Travertine Dining Table

Davani + Purity Stone Dining Table


Luxury design meets modern functionality with this indoor & outdoor stone dining table from the DAVANI + PURITY Collection.

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The Pure Table is an extendable travertine pedestal dining table. This versatile natural stone table works wonderfully as an indoor or outdoor dining table, office table, or living room table. Its contemporary minimalist aesthetic is complemented by modern conveniences that include concealed pop-up charging portals, cable management, storage, and subtle recessed lighting.


The Pure Table is an extendable stone table that extends from a default length of 250 cm (98 inches) to a fully extended length of 330 cm (130 inches).



Length: 250 cm (98 inches)

Extended length: 330 cm (130 inches)

Width: 110 cm (43 inches)

Height: 73 cm (28 inches)



  • Concealed Usb / Wireless Charging Optional
  • Extendable
  • Natural Sealing For Stain Protection
  • Concealed Drawers
  • Soft Underlighting
Pure extendable dining table in light travertine

Natural Travertine Stone

Aerial view of an Italian white marble quarry

The Pure Table is fabricated from premium travertine sourced from the quarry so that only the finest stone is used. The Pure Table is available in several subtle color variations, including light and dark shades of travertine and gold-patterned travertine.


Classic Roman travertine limestone in light and medium brown and beige colors.

Travertine Light

A luxurious light beige, almost white travertine. Perfect for outdoor patio or to lighten up an indoor space.

Travertine Gold

Similar to the light travertine but with lines and specks of golden-colored limestone throughout.

An Elegant Modern Stone Office Table

Designed for collaboration in the modern law firm or tech office, the Pure Table is replete with the thoughtful design elements of a practical and functional stone office table while remaining authentic to the sculptural materiality of its travertine construction.


Extendable to fit any space

The Pure table is perfect for both small, cozy working spaces and larger meeting rooms thanks to the extendable middle panel.


Built-in charging and cable management

The stone table-top is fitted with a pair of pop-up concealed charging portals with either USB or wireless charging.


Concealed storage

Each table features spacious storage draws concealed in the pedestal.


Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting provides a soft glow while enhancing the table’s pure, minimalist design.

Zen-Inspired Sculptural Travertine Design

Travertine is a beautifully lustrous natural stone formed over millennia in hot springs and limestone caves.


The Pure Table brings together the elemental materiality of travertine with sculptural designs inspired by the ever-changing shape of running water to create a Zen-influenced composition that captures the simplicity, understated elegance, and subtle grace of that ancient philosophy.


The travertine has a soothing effect and the minimal design of the Purity collection puts a focus on celebrating the strengths of the natural material. The result is a luxury stone table that brings a sense of calm and peace to any space it occupies.

A Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table

The Pure Table is an adaptable premium natural stone table as suited to the dining room as the office. With its extendable top, recessed storage, and hidden lighting, this stone table is an elegant, durable, and functional presence that enhances the most luxurious dining experiences.


One of the advantages of natural stone is that it’s luxurious in any space – both indoors and outdoors. The table’s robust travertine construction is perfectly suited to outdoor locations, whether on the patio or in the garden. As a stone patio table, it offers everything you need to host friends and family in impeccable style.


The pop-up cable management and charge ports keep your wires away from the elements. And the recessed storage is perfect for storing an outdoor dining set or entertaining decor for easy access. And the recessed lighting adds an ambient glow for any outdoor dinner party or social gathering.

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