Reception Desks for Hotels and Offices

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Reception Desks for Hotels and Offices

Your reception desk is the first impression that your office or business will make on both new and prospective clients. What they see is more than just a piece of office furniture. It’s an extension of who you are as a business, and what you offer in terms of service and quality. 

And it’s a make or break moment in your customer interactions. 

In a luxury hotel, for instance, the reception desk is the jewel of the lobby—the first step in creating an unforgettable experience for guests. And in an office, a reception desk should be more than a dull fixture that takes up space. Clients should be impressed and relaxed by your office’s design theme. 

With all this in mind, choosing the right reception desk may seem daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. The Davani Group’s experienced design team can guide you through the process and help you find a reception desk that’s perfect in every way. 

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When A Desk is Not Just A Desk: The Value of a Custom Made Desk

There’s no faster way to be forgettable than with a generic design concept in your reception room. Whether you’re a tech company, a corporate office, an enterprise studio, a clinic, or a hotel, you need to stand out and make a strong impression right from the start. A bespoke reception desk ensures you’re able to do exactly that with a design that speaks directly to your vision for your brand.

A Luxury desk is a well-designed piece of furniture made to be impressive. It exudes far more style, flair, and professionalism than an ordinary piece of furniture could ever hope to. And it possesses the audacious, eye-catching qualities that generic, mass-produced desks lack.

It’s more than a slab held up by a few legs—it’s a centerpiece that tells the entire story of your business and brand. 

The Problem with Factory Desks

The biggest difference between a bespoke reception desk and a regular factory-made desk is that with the latter, you need to force your personal vision and style to match an existing, almost always generic design. A custom desk, on the other hand, is crafted to be a perfect fit for you, matching what you seek to convey in both a personal and professional manner. 

It doesn’t compromise your vision or force you to fit into a basic design. 

Making a Strong Impression With Bespoke Reception

First impressions matter. If a client has walked into many offices, and has seen the same themes and designs over and over again, they will hardly be impressed if they see the same old design in your reception area as well. You need to create one that makes a strong impression at first glance. 

With a bespoke reception desk, you can design a reception area that sets you apart in a meaningful way. Capturing the right design can seem daunting at first, true—many people are discouraged from doing so because they believe they lack the necessary creative vision. But with the right designers and materials supporting you, it’s easy. 

Why Don’t More Businesses Have Custom Desks?

Having a custom marble or oak desk in your reception area is not a common sight. In fact, it is rare to see a unique design when you walk into your average office. So, why don’t more reception areas have them?

Custom design is a process that requires thought and time. Only the best, highest quality companies put in this level of consideration. When you see a custom desk in a reception area, you can be assured that the quality of the company is well beyond average.

It also shows that the company has put thought into every detail of what their clients will experience, and clients have been shown to notice these efforts. Whether you want your hotel to exude extravagance or your office to have an air of professionalism, you need to go that extra mile. 

This is where The Davani Group comes in. Our design team has years of experience creating custom reception desks, and have helped bring clients hotel and office visions to life countless times. We offer custom marble and stone in every shade imaginable, and even imported Italian semi-precious stones that scream luxury in shades you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

How to Get Started Finding the Right Bespoke Desk for Your Business

The must-have reception desk is the one that clicks with your own needs.

That might be modern and optimistic. It could be polished and traditional. Or maybe it’s luxurious and sophisticated. 

Ultimately, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a design. What matters is making an impression on clients and staff with a strong statement piece that cannot be duplicated. And that means starting with materials of the highest quality in rare shades. 

But how do you figure out which material and design is right for you? 

Stone Reception Desk

Dignified, Traditional. Professional. 

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then a custom stone reception desk could be what you need.We offer stone finishes from petrified wood in multiple shades to quartz, agate, malachite and jasper that can be matched with your overall design direction. 

Stones like The Davani Group’s brown antique granite or Whitehaven limestone elevate even the simplest designs to the next level and create a sublime atmosphere in any workspace. 

Granite Reception Desk

Granite reception desks are far from the norm. This makes them a unique choice that sets your lobby or reception area apart from anything guests have seen before. The Davani Group offers granite reception desks in red, blue, white, brown and many other shades.

Making a Statement With Marble Reception Desks

Traditional designs are not for everyone. Some aesthetics call for a sleek and modern take on the reception area. Whether you are looking for a modern white reception desk, a modern black reception or a specific bright shade that gets your guests attention, The Davani Group has what you need, with no shortage of white stone and marble materials. 

Whether you are looking for the classic feel of pure white Italian marble without a trace of another color like our Afyon White collection and Branco Polar marble, or a more classic white marble color and texture like our Calacatta or Bianco collection, we have the choices available that can give you the clean design you need.

A marble reception desk exudes sophistication and sincerity upon first glance. This desk shows you know how to make an impression, and your clients can tell within moments of seeing and touching it that they are in a setting that takes them and their patronage seriously. It’s a standout choice that shows everyone this isn’t your average business. 

Marble reception desks can be customized in a number of colors that can blend into your existing décor and aesthetic, or stand out as a stark piece that draws the eyes directly to it.

Black Marble Reception Desk

Black marble reception desks offer a classic and subtle design to most reception settings. They can be incorporated seamlessly into most office settings and existing designs, bringing with them a contemporary and sophisticated feel. Their ebony shades make them stand out as naturally comforting and creative centerpieces. 

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that black is simple or boring. The Davani Group offers many black marble tones, shades and designs. There are well over 50 black marble options that we can offer you to create the desk that best fits your needs. These shades allow for injections of bright colors, or a monochrome design aesthetic to be used with ease and can change the entire tone of your space.

White Marble Reception Desk 

Much like a black marble desk, a white marble reception desk can also fit effortlessly into your existing reception design and compliment your other reception furniture pieces. White marble creates a crisp, clean, and modern design coupled with an open and airy feeling space. The Davani Group has nearly 60 different white marble options for you to choose from.

Special Colors For Marble Reception Desks 

Most companies offer marble reception desks for sale in only black, white or grey. We’ve got those shades covered, grey included—but we also recognize that sometimes monochrome hues just won’t cut it. Luckily for you, we have nearly 300 different colored stone options you can peruse.

Whether you’re looking for a marble reception desk in blue, green, red, pink, yellow or brown, we have multiple options to choose from to meet your exact needs.

Marble Effect Reception Desks

Do you already have a reception desk and are looking to elevate its design?

It is possible to upgrade an existing reception desk by cladding the desk with marble components to create a unique design that helps change the tone of your entire office setting. Having a marble effect for your reception desk helps to compliment other designs and furniture in your office space. It allows you to work with an existing reception desk and take it to the next level. 

Modern White Reception Desk | Davani

Elevate Your Space Today with The Davani Group’s Reception Desks

The ordinary is not something any business consciously aims for. But many of them fall into it due to uninspired design concepts. Setting yours apart from the competition and giving visitors a fresh and inviting atmosphere requires a combination of effort and experience.

The Davani Group has the knowledge you need. We’ve helped countless clients transform their reception areas into engaging, inspiring spaces that stand out in the best ways. Our hotel reception desk designs, for instance, can be seen in the lobbies of hotels from the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Arizona to the Kimpton Hotel in Miami Beach.

Give us a call to learn more. You can also email us or fill out a form below. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible, and we can start turning your design ideas into reality.

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