Inspired by the lagoon’s waterways and the long and narrow shape of its famous boats, the Venice freestanding pool is a tribute to the city of Venice, in the native region of the Kreoo brand.

Venice has an essential, sinuous and linear oval shape, which leaves the material with the task of emphasizing its sculptural beauty: the choice of highly distinctive marbles, such as Calacatta Classico or Grigio St. Marie, brings the representation of flowing to the surface of the stone irregular of the Venetian canals.
The profile, very thin (never more than 2 cm thick), gives lightness to the product, delicately outlining the internal ergonomics, wide and comfortable, which envelops the body harmoniously while being lulled by the water.

The tub is made by working and digging, with a meticulous and very fine technique, a single block of marble, first with specialized technologies and then handcrafted for details and finishes by hand.
The waste is reused in the production chain, to minimize waste and maximize the use of each single block.

Born from the creativity of the Kreoo design team to respond to the request for a simple and elegant bathtub, suitable for any context, Venice’s goal is to enhance the uniqueness of the material and its infinite nuances, navigating the spaces of living. contemporary.


Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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