About The Davani Group


  • We source the best natural stone from quarries around the world.
  • We work with interior designers, architects, and property owners to create custom natural stone designs that integrate seamlessly into their environment.
  • We specialize in the design and fabrication of a wide range of natural stone products and furniture.
  • Our master craftsmen in Italy and the US use time-tested techniques to work marble, travertine, and other varieties of natural stone.
  • We deliver and install natural stone designs with impeccable attention to detail and an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction.



Luxury marble tables and flooring from The Davani Group


Natural stone is heir to time and geology, laid down by the earth over eons and transformed by heat and pressure into a beautiful and durable material sought after by artists, architects, and anyone with a taste for luxury. The earth creates a diversity of natural stone — marble, travertine, onyx, granite, porphyry, quartzite — in a vast array of colors and patterns, from the creamy whites of Bianco Perlino to the rich viridian of Verde Alpi.

Natural stone’s unique material properties and endless variation make it the ideal material for architectural facades, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and floors, interior and exterior cladding, furniture, artworks, and exterior flooring.

You may come across The Davani Group’s natural stone designs around the world in luxury hotels, resorts, spas, great estates, houses of worship, public monuments, gardens, and landmark buildings.


Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

Natural Material

Rooted in materials of the earth, the natural extension of The Davani Group’s expertise goes beyond marble masterworks and encompasses sourcing the rare and elegant materials that distinguish luxury living such as ancient olive wood and hand-forged bronze.

These are applied to the collaborative design process of creating the ultimate custom kitchens and bathrooms, bespoke interiors, and architectural elements, both residential and commercial. These custom installations range from elaborate and classical to sleek and modern.


Anthony and Julia Davani have an unwavering commitment to the quality of their product. Every project and installation must fulfill its promise as functional art that fully realizes the vision of its designers while respecting the quality of its material.

This commitment applies to everything The Davani Group does, from the sourcing of materials, to design, installation, and service.

Careful craftmanship and stunning design is our commitment to excellence

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


The Davani Group began as masters of bespoke decorative stone, marble design, and natural stone installation. That legacy is the hallmark of everything they do today. When you see dimensional stonework by The Davani Group, each element is carved from a single block of marble, finished and nuanced by the hands of expert artisans at the storied Décor Marmi atelier in the Alpine foothills of northern Italy.


Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


Commissioned work includes interiors, architectural elements including marble cladding and marble facades, structures, objects, artworks and furnishings as well as artful finishes such as intricate marquetry and mosaics. Installations grace luxury hotels, resorts, spas, great estates, houses of worship, public monuments, storied gardens, and landmark buildings across the globe.


Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

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