How to Use 3D Carved Stone Tile to Improve Aesthetic

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How to Use 3D Carved Stone Tile to Improve Aesthetic

Why Use 3D Carved Stone Tile?

For thousands of years, carved stone tile was accessible only to the wealthiest and most powerful. Carved stone served as a sign of prestige, wealth, and the lucky few who were able to attain it were gifted with a feature of beauty and elegance that would stand the test of time and be marveled at to this day.  

With the coming of the modern era, 3D carved stone tile is no longer accessible to only a few. That being said, its reputation hasn’t changed,  and stone tile imparts an air of elegance and luxury that people continue to adore and will for generations to come. This is why it is such an excellent choice when it comes to design in any number of spaces, whether in your home or office. We’ll go through just a few of the countless ways that you can utilize 3D carved stone tiles in the design of your home. 

3D Carved Stone Tile In The Bathroom 

Using 3D carved stone tile in your bathroom is a great choice not just for its beauty but for its durability as well. The stone can withstand the water and humidity common in bathrooms, making stone tile not just an elegant choice but a practical one. Update your master bathroom with an accent wall behind your tub or shower, and it will transform the room. 

Carved Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash

This is an updated and modern take on the tile backsplashes that have been so popular since the 1980s. 3D carved stone tile makes a unique backsplash, and thanks to the numerous texture and stone options at your disposal, you’ll be able to make whatever statement you want with your 3D carved stone tile kitchen backsplash.

Carved Stone Tile Accent Wall in Bedroom 

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary.  Treat yourself to a 3D carved stone tile accent wall behind your master bed, and you’ll find that it frames the room and focuses the space. This is a bedroom you won’t want to leave in the morning. 

3D Stone Tile Accents in Entertaining Spaces 

Upgrade your entertaining spaces with carved stone tile accents. Add an accent wall behind your dining table, a one-of-a-kind backsplash behind your bar, a carved stone tile wall to match your fireplace. Your guests will be talking about these luxurious features for years to come. 

3D Stone Tile in Outdoor Living Spaces 

Durable stone tile is an excellent choice if you want a beautiful feature that will stand the tests of time. Incorporate 3D stone tile next to the pool or the grill and appreciate its beauty and low maintenance. 

Upgrade Your Office With 3D Stone Tile  

You work hard. Make your corner office space you never want to leave by adding 3d stone tile behind your desk.  You’ll love the look, and so will your clients, coworkers, and anyone else who comes by your office. A 3D stone tile wall is the perfect way to show people that they are working with a true professional. 

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