The Davani Group: Textures Collection

Davani textures collection floor tile in putty color

The Davani Group: Textures Collection

A New Concept of Natural Stone


Force. Breath. Life. Energy. Beauty.


At the Davani Group, this is what we pursue with every design, every piece our partners craft. 

But beyond the nuances of design, the materials we choose to bring each piece to life matter as much as the lines and form of the piece itself.

A Bookcase made of Davani textured stone in slate grey

”Textures” is a collection of pre-designed Italian tile and claddings available in a multitude of stone types through The Davani Group. This collection is one of many stunning natural stone offerings The Davani Group has brought to US designers since 2013.


Natural stone is arguably the most beautiful material for any space. With the varieties and histories as diverse as the locations they’re quarried from, each square foot of material tells a unique and intricate story. 


Marble, Onyx, Sodalite… The most exclusive materials make you want to touch and feel. To connect to the history exuding from every ounce of its makeup.

A stone bathtub with peach-colored textured wall tiles

The Italian fabricators and designers behind the “Textures” collection capitalized on the inherent fascination with natural stone. Using this understanding, they created an incredible collection of natural stone tiles that showcase intricate carvings to match the nuance of the material and bring a unique visual depth to many often-forgotten elements of design. 


These detailed pieces offer an elevated experience of living that we at The Davani Group are proud to represent and offer to our U.S. based family.

Stone cabinets with a textured surface

“Textures” was formed as an EXPERIENCE.


The Davani Group, the designers we serve, and the fabricators we partner with believe that design, the colors, the materials, and even the texture of a piece – all factors that together, contribute to the overall effect. 


All these factors create an experience for the people who use these spaces. And this experience is worth far more than a title, or name.


This experience can frame the moments of our lives in beauty. In the places where our lives are lived.

A luxury shower with beige textured wall and floor tiles



the subtle delight of micro-textures of natural stone beneath your bare feet as you walk along a sunlit courtyard on a summer morning.

Textured stone floor tiles next to a patio door



the rich elegance, the zinging energy of an exotic dinner for two, set against the backdrop of an intricately carved kitchen backsplash.

Beige and black textured wall tiles with geometric patterns



the awe and gravitas of walking into work, a commanding expanse of natural stone coating the walls. Raw strength. And refined beauty.

Black wall tiles with geometric textured pattern

The “Textures” collection transforms natural stone without altering its nature. 


Highly trained artisans use elite technology and machinery to perform micro-engraving into the surfaces of natural stone slabs and tiles. This “ton sur ton” with light and shaded effects, gives a distinct dept to each piece.


Each available pattern has been designed to emphasize the intricate engravings. In doing so, each tile creates a nuanced, and vital experience, using a combination of the highest levels of human creativity, technological advancement, and the finest materials the world has to offer.

Finely textured stone wall tiles with an orange couch in front

The Textures collection comes in several versatile formats to be suitable for a variety of spaces and applications.


The collection is available in slab format, four-foot pre-installed panels, as well as tile.

White marble patterned wall tiles

Tiles are available in a variety of sizes upon request – including large format tile, up to 100cm widths, and various lengths, depending on available slab sizes.

A dark grey stone bookshelf with textured tiles

All options are suitable for flooring as well as wall coverings. 


Each design is available in seven carefully selected stones as part of the standard line, with dozens of customizable options. 


The range of standard materials presents a wide variety of visual characteristics from warm to cool-toned color palettes, and homogenous to subtly varied veins.

Creme colored stone wall tiles with matching end table

These tiles and slabs are designed to add visual depth and nuance to homes, offices, hospitality areas, and more. Whether as flooring, or key accents on walls, etc. the “Textures” collection is sure to enhance the beauty of any space.

Close-up of a wavy textured stone tile

The Davani Group natural stone consultants are available to you for all your stone selection and design needs. Whether you are in the market for a pre-designed product or wish to bring your own designs to life, our team is ready to assist in finding the right material and design that will fit your requirements from budget to functionality, to aesthetics.


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