Yellow-Gold Limestone & Travertine

Gold limestone is a durable and hard-wearing natural limestone with rare gold and yellow coloring and patterning. Gold limestones are often selected to bring opulent luxury to indoor and outdoor spaces with floor tiles and cladding, architectural features, and a wide variety of natural stone furniture.


Customers of the Davani Group can select any of the gold limestones in our natural stone catalog for use in custom fabrication projects. We source gold limestone blocks direct from the quarry, before shipping them to our workshop in Italy. We work with our customers to turn their designs into technical drawings and specifications, fabricate their custom projects, and deliver the completed artifact to any international location.


Like all limestones, gold limestone is composed primarily of calcite and aragonite, which are crystalline varieties of calcium carbonate. These are the same minerals found in marble. But, whereas marble is a metamorphic rock that undergoes extreme heating and pressure, limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is formed into crystals under the intense pressure of water and rock above it in the sea bed. The unique golden colors of gold limestone are due to the presence of other minerals during its formation, including iron oxides, iron carbonates, and silicate minerals such as epidote and chondrodite.


Our natural stone inventory includes several gold limestones, such as the beautiful contrasting vein patterns of Black and Gold, the warm golden-yellow of Spanish Gold, and the blacks, whites, and golds of Port Laurent.

Yellow & Gold Limestone

Yellow Travertine

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