White Italian Marble

White marble has for centuries been the most prestigious and sought-after natural material for sculpture, furniture, and architecture. From classical temples to modern-day skyscrapers, white marble is found where architects and designers seek to create an impression of luxury and grandeur.


The Davani Group sources an enormous variety of white marble for use in marble tables, seating, floor and wall tiles, bathtubs, sinks, vanities, and more. In addition to white marble furniture from leading Italian designers, our customers can also select any of the white marbles in our natural stone catalog for bespoke marble furniture and custom artwork projects managed by The Davani Group.


Marble is a metamorphic natural stone made primarily from calcite or dolomite. Pure marble is white, and the addition of other minerals influences the coloration of the marble and its distinctive pattern of veins.


Our stone catalog includes over 40 varieties of white marble. The most famous, of course, is Calacatta marble, with its beautiful pure white background and dramatic gray veining. Carrara marble is quarried in the same area of Italy but features a grayer coloration with less distinct veining. Beyond Italy, quarries produce white marbles in many different shades and patterns, from the stunning green veining of Pinta Verde, which is quarried in Brazil, to the blues of Bianco Lasa Covelano.

Our Selection of White Italian Marble

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