Natural Stone Design

The Davani Group designs, fabricates, and installs custom natural stone furniture, products, facades, cladding, and tiles for interior and exterior projects of any size.

The Davani Group is a unique partnership of natural stone specialists, designers, and craftsmen.

Natural stone is heir to time and geology, laid down by the earth over eons and transformed by heat and pressure into a beautiful and durable material sought after by artists, architects, and anyone with a taste for luxury. The earth creates a diversity of natural stone — marble, travertine, onyx, granite, porphyry, quartzite — in a vast array of colors and patterns, from the creamy whites of Bianco Perlino to the rich viridian of Verde Alpi.

Natural stone’s unique material properties and endless variation make it the ideal material for architectural facades, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and floors, interior and exterior cladding, furniture, artworks, and exterior flooring.

You may come across The Davani Group’s natural stone designs around the world in luxury hotels, resorts, spas, great estates, houses of worship, public monuments, gardens, and landmark buildings.

Kreoo Brand and Bespoke Stone Furniture

The Davani Group designs and manufactures custom furniture, shaping natural materials into a wide variety of furniture for interior and exterior settings. In addition to over seventy bath, living and tile products designed by the Kreoo brand, our range includes bespoke natural stone seating and tables for the dining room, garden, or office.  Our bathroom furnishings include sinks, tubs, and vanities. We are able to design and fabricate custom pieces for any project. Our capabilities are not just limited to stone, but also materials like woods, metals, leather and glass. Our obsession with detail ensures that every product is produced with passion and love and made with the finest quality.

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Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

Outdoor white marble facade on a luxury home

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

Stone Facades

Natural stone facades embellish any residential or commercial building with elegance and style. Durable and hard-wearing, marble and other natural stone facades are used in prestige projects around the world. The Davani Group designs and fabricate facades to the highest material and aesthetic standards, selecting the most appropriate natural stone from quarries around the world, crafting architectural and decorative features, and carrying out installation with impeccable attention to detail.

Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding and flooring have been used for centuries in buildings as diverse as temples, castles, great houses, and hotels. Today, natural stone is chosen by those who spurn synthetic materials, instead embracing the authenticity, solidity, and durability of natural stone designs. The Davani Group works with leading architects and interior designers to bring their vision to life with carefully selected, matched, and crafted natural stone cladding, bringing uncompromised style and balance to any space.

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Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles provide a fitting layer of graceful protection to interior and exterior spaces. The sheer variety of natural stone tiles provides for a wealth of choice for both appearance and tactile experience, from smooth and simple to intricately patterned and textured.

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