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We source marble slabs and other natural stone slabs from quarries around the world. In addition to using this stone in our custom stone furniture, we are a natural stone supplier of high-quality marble, travertine, onyx, quartzite, granite, and other stone varieties for use in furniture, construction, and interior decoration projects.

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We carve each piece of natural stone furniture from a single stone slab. Each block is quarried from an area in which minerals and other constituents crystalized under immense pressure and heat over thousands of years. The exact mix of minerals and the conditions of the stone’s formation influence its texture, color, marbling pattern, and other characteristics.

Our natural stone furniture is made from many different types of stone sourced directly from quarries around the world – marble in a multitude of colors, travertine, onyx, quartzite, semi-precious stones, and more.

When the stone slabs reach our workshop, they have already completed a journey that starts in a quarry in the mountains or hills in which the stone was formed. Those mountains maybe a few miles from the workshop or a few thousand. Each variety originates in a different part of the world, and some regions are famed for the quality and color of the stone they produce.

In this article, we take a look at the origins of the types of stone that we supply and that are used in The Davani Group’s furniture, tiles, and cladding. To see any of the natural stones mentioned here, take a look at our stone inventory.

Aerial view of an Italian white marble quarry

Learn more about where we source our natural stone from worldwide:

Blocks of raw wholesale marble

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

How We Source Marble SLABS

Marble is sourced from all over the world, but the most famous marbles are quarried not far from our workshop in Italy. Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario are white and grey marbles quarried in Italy, as they have been for many thousands of years. When you see a Roman building in Italy, it is more often than not clad with Calacatta marble.

Types of marble quarried in Italy include:

The Iberian Peninsula is also a prominent source of marbles: the beautiful black and white Nero Marquina and creamy Gray Marfil varieties are quarried in Spain. Grigio St Marie originates in France.

Beyond Europe, Persian or Pietra Gray marble is quarried in Iran, and China is famed for its green marbles such as Verde Ming and the elegant gray Silk Georgette.

Blocks of raw wholesale marble

One of our blocks of beautiful white Italian marble.

An interior walkway with Roman travertine pillars.

Travertine limestone from Italy is great for earth tones and browns.

Travertine Suppliers Worldwide

Travertine is made of the same carbonate minerals as marble, but it undergoes a different process. It is a sedimentary rock that forms in layers and has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Travertine slab was also heavily utilized by the Romans, hence why it is sometimes referred to as “Roman travertine.”

Travertine is most commonly sourced in Europe – particularly in Italy – and, to a lesser extent, from Turkey and Iran.

Here are some common types of travertine from around the world:

Luxury marble building facade wit diamond pattern

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


Unlike marble and travertine, onyx is a silicate mineral with a distinctive pattern of parallel bands. The Davani Group uses onyx for a variety of furniture, including the Shiro modular shelving system.

The more than 30 onyx varieties available in our stone inventory include:

We supply onyx from several regions, including Iran, India, and Pakistan.

Interior living space with walls adorned with slabs of white onyx

Beautiful white onyx slabs accent this interior living space.

Luxury table made with blue Amazonite quartzite.

A luxury table made with lustrous blue Amazonite quartzite.


Quartzite is a glassy crystalline stone formed when sandstone is subjected to great heat and pressure. The purest quartzites are white or grey, but the addition of other substances creates quartzites in many different colors and patterns.

We use a wide array of quartzite stone in our furniture, with colors ranging from the bright white of Calacatta Do Brasil to the black and silver of Silver Fusion, with many blues, greens, and browns in between.

Quartzite is quarried around the world in regions that include Brazil, Indonesia, and Italy.

Blocks of raw wholesale marble

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.


In addition to the varieties of stone we have mentioned here, our stone supply, which is sourced direct from quarries around the world, features:

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The Davani Group furniture also incorporates premium natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, and leather.

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Green Malachite semi-precious stone slab

A vibrant green malachite semi-precious stone.

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