Marble and Stone Cabinetry: Dynamic Composition for Singular Charm

Davani Custom Marble Cabinetry

Marble and Stone Cabinetry: Dynamic Composition for Singular Charm

Marble and Stone Cabinetry | The Importance of Quality Materials

Marble and Stone Cabinetry has become a staple in interior design. With a tradition hearkening back to the earliest marble exteriors of the Ancient Greek Parthenon and the statues of Rome and Turkey, the refined material of marble has long since moved indoors to become one of the most coveted and revered materials for a wide array of home fixtures. These many options can include marble countertops, marble sink basins, marble table surfaces and more.

With a refined elegance that never insists upon the practical needs of everyday life, interior marble fixtures effortlessly imbue a stylish professionalism in dining rooms, living rooms, event spaces, and baths. As a perfect complement to their refined charm, the natural stone veining of marble’s texture ensures that each fixture will be entirely unique: an individual souvenir of the natural world as irreplicable as the human fingerprint or the purity of each individual snowflake.

DAVANI’s marble-clad cabinetry includes many shelf and dressing options, as well as the first commercially made-to-order marble clad bathtub. Ranging for both individual practicality and elegant charm, DAVANI’s wide and world-class offerings are made for a variety of fixtures to match the individual tone of each project.


Parallel B210 bathtub in Bianco Carrara and Natural Oak

DAVANI’s marble-clad bathtub is a one-of-a-kind fixture, inspired for a fusion of unique practicality and seamless individual elegance.


Marble and Stone Cabinetry from the Past to the Present

While its versatility across multiple fixtures is an asset to consider for the material, a traditionally-inspired yet strikingly innovative usage for the material would be the usage and implementation of marble for cabinetry and storage fixtures. Marble and Stone Cabinetry have a long and exhaustive history in interior design, being utilized as a major staple for the baroque residences of Italian nobility, as well as being a favored material of Andre Charles Boulle, the 18th-century ornate cabinet designer who worked under the patronage of the French king Louis XIV.



Davani custom marble cabinetry


In more modern times, marble cabinets have come to be designed to more sleekly and organically utilize the natural curvature of the stone. A cabinet is inseparable from its contents, and the natural uniqueness of marble presents a conscious design choice. Just as each fixture drafted from marble is composed of a unique textural design, so too are the contents of the cabinetry a reflection of the uniqueness and perspective of its owner. The usage of richly textured marble and stone in cabinet doors gives way to the perspectives, routines, and irreplaceably cherished memories resting within.


In addition to the durably sentimental allure of marble for a fixture’s base, marble and stone cabinetry are privy to the design opportunities of marble doorknobs and marble and stone cladding. The doorknob is the aesthetic and functional lynchpin of cabinetry, and well-placed premium marble makes for a tactile, appealing point of connection between the fixture and its owner.


The stone veining of marble adds aesthetic practicality to the fixture as well: a multicolored veining helps to immediately and clearly draw the eye towards the doorknob in an effect that plays with the expert craftwork of

the designer. While the sheer contrast between the knob and the door’s surface is very strong, many modern fixtures have also started a trend of integrating bold stone and marble cladding to the exterior doors and sides of the fixture. Just as interior wall cladding has seen a dramatic rise in popularity among designers in recent years, so too cancladding add a pronounced physicality to the outline and presence of a fixture within the room.


Parallel wall-mounted vanity with integrated sink - double in Travertino Paglierino and Natural Oak

Sheer, intuitive design accompanies ample storage space for DAVANI’s wall-mounted stone vanities. The production process is guided by the natural properties found in hand-selected premium marble and stone.

The Right Marble for the Right Project

Just as the design and shape of a fixture influence its impact on an interior’s atmosphere, the types of marble are of utmost importance for the discerning interior designer. Carrara marble is the famous “white marble” of the ancient Italians, and Bianco Carrara was prized for the purity of its color and the versatility of its application. Rose marble is formed from rich dolomite deposits that give it a soft pink glow and delicate contoured veining, imported directly from the finest Portuguese quarries. Travertines are limestone-based stones that share many of the properties of marble and can be custom cut and finished for a wide array of sand, beige, and earthen colorations.

Parallel PS45 pedestal sink - squared with storage, in Bianco Carrara and Natural Oak

DAVANI specializes in richly textured vanity fixtures that combine marble’s natural strengths of minimalist elegance and a clean, practical charm. Fixtures are made to order in a variety of world-class imported marble and stone options.

Parallel WVS wall-mounted vanity with integrated sink in Bianco Carrara and Natural Oak Tiles in Bianco Carrara

Drawing inspiration from the finest world-class stones of Italy, DAVANI prides itself on its offerings with each of these different premium stone options directly sourced with the highest quality.

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