Luxury Sliding Doors


Complete your modern interior design look with a luxury sliding door from The Davani Group today.

The Davani Group’s luxury door collection includes a wide variety of sliding doors suitable for any home or office space. All of our sliding doors include innovative sliding mechanisms and aluminum framing engineered to the precise tolerances to ensure the smoothest possible operation.


Our sliding door range includes:

  • External sliding systems with various luxury wood, glass, fabric, and metal panels.
  • Pocket sliding doors with a fully concealed aluminum structure for perfect continuity between the door and wall.
  • Hidden sliding doors with wall-matched finishes for an almost-invisible door.


Sliding doors are equipped with a refined and innovative sliding system that eliminates cracks and gaps while ensuring that doors slide gracefully open and closed every time. Some of our sliding door models, including the concealed sliding door, are available with a motorized mechanism activated by a flush-to-wall push-button panel and a manual mechanism with flush-fitting handles.


All of our sliding doors can be tailored to your space’s unique needs, including support for single, double, and more complex sliding door arrangements. Designers can choose from a huge range of luxury materials and finishes for the panels, including over 500 varieties of wood veneer, metal, natural stone, lacquer, leather, molding, glass, and laminates.


To discover the perfect sliding door for your home or office, talk to a door and decor specialist today for a free initial consultation.

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