Luxury Curved Doors


Complete your modern interior design look with a curved door from The Davani Group today.

About Our Curved Interior Doors


Curved doors integrate beautifully into their environment, providing a uniquely elegant and harmonious surface that brings door and wall together in a cohesive curvilinear relationship.


As with all Davani Group luxury doors, curved doors feature hidden hinges and a flush-to-the-wall design that lacks either door frame or jamb, further promoting a seamless continuity between the door and its environment.


Curved doors are available with concave and convex panels, and in a variety of materials and finishes that include:

  • Laminate finishes that deploy the Fenix nanotech smart material, a soft-to-the-touch but hard-wearing synthetic laminate.
  • Wood veneers in a variety of woods, patterns, and tones.
  • Natural stone with ultra-thin and lightweight natural stone slabs laminated over a fiberglass and resin construction for a beautiful and durable finish.
  • Lacquers in a multitude of colors and gloss or matt finishes.
  • As-Wall finishes: curved doors can be finished with any common wall finishing material so that the door panels seamlessly blend with their adjacent wall.


Curved doors can be equipped with your selection of accessories, which include handles, locks, and concealed door closers.


Contact a Davani Group interior decor consultant today to find the perfect curved door for your home, office, or any other space.

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