Kylie Jenner’s Marble Tile Shower Breaks the Web For the Wrong Reasons

kylie Jenner Bathroom Marble

Kylie Jenner’s Marble Tile Shower Breaks the Web For the Wrong Reasons

Have you seen people talking about Kylie Jenner’s bathroom? The billionaire showcased her beautiful bathroom on her Instagram and the reaction was not what anyone expected. 


Instead of marveling at the amazing marble tile lining her shower walls, it seems the Internet focused on the water pressure coming from the showerhead.

The Video That Drove the Internet Wild

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here. 


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Look beyond the water pressure and check out the marble used for the shower walls. This marble elevates the shower from a generic shower to a place of natural elegance.


Is Marble Tile Good for Shower Walls?

If you are questioning whether marble is a good material to use for your shower, let us put your concerns to rest. 

Timeless Beauty

timeless beautyAncient Roman baths were constructed from marble because of the natural beauty and durability of the stone. Many of these structures still exist today. These ruins may not have retained their original luxurious luster, but we have to understand the Romans, for all they accomplished, didn’t have access to modern sealants to protect their marble.


Stone tiles bring natural elegance to any space. People connect to stone in a primal way. We have an innate understanding of it and we do elevate it to the status of “luxury”. Marble shower tiles speak to ancient craftsmanship and modern design esthetics. 


Kylie Jenner’s marble shower tile shows how this ancient building material can reflect a modern design.

The Healing Properties of Natural Stone

Anyone who has worked with natural stone in any way knows it has, with no pun intended, grounding properties. Many people claim marble makes them more introspective and calm, easing tension and anxiety. Adding marble tile to your bathroom could bring about a more spa-like experience to your ablutions.


For those who are seeking a way of bringing a sense of serenity and inner-peace to their lives, marble shower tiles like the ones used in Kylie Jenner’s shower can make it happen.

Easy Maintenance

There is some fear about how to maintain marble shower tiles but put that fear aside. Every shower needs basic cleaning and a marble shower is no different. 


Cleaning can be done with mild dishwashing liquid to remove soap film which can dull the natural glow of the marble.  Put away those hard scrub pads and pick up a microfiber cloth to wipe down your marble shower tiles after each use. 

Requires Regular Sealant

Your marble tile installer will give you specific guidance on the stone you have chosen, but as a general guide, you should expect to reseal the marble every year. This annual maintenance of the marble shower tiles will ensure the lifetime value of your marble.


Bringing Elegance to Your Bathroom with Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone shower tiles improve the value of your home. The value of marble in a home is obvious to every buyer. The wonderful thing about using natural stone as shower tiles is the variety of colors and patterns available. You will be able to find stone tiles to complement your bathroom and home’s current style.


The Davani Group offers a wide selection of direct from the quarry stone to add timeless elegance and natural beauty to your home.


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