Kreoo Stone & Marble Tile Coverings

A Kreoo craftsman looking at a variety of natural stone wall tiles

Kreoo Stone & Marble Tile Coverings

Italian Tile designs following the latest trends of shape, texture and material combinations!

Did you know Kreoo makes innovative wall and floor “coverings” and its texture are available in different colors and thickness?

Today we’re taking a brief tour of the Kreoo Coverings Line and its endless design possibilities.

A Kreoo designer considering stone tile colors and textures

Three Methods of Stone & Marble Tile

Kreoo Coverings line features dozens of designs, but there are three production methods we use to create them. Each method produces a different effect and can add a different essence to your final design.

GRAFFITI -Three Dimensional, Two-tone Marble

Graffiti is Kreoo’s patented carving technique that grafts two different marbles to form a three-dimensional tile. In this special process, we adhere two marble pieces, one on top of the other, then carve any of our pre-selected designs into the top tile. This removes a portion of the top tile to reveal the color of the bottom marble in a beautiful pattern. (Wall applications only)

BAS RELIEF – Single Color, Three Dimensional Marble

The classic bas relief technique where one of our team of Italian sculptors shapes the design into a single form of marble. (Wall applications only)

INLAY – Marble Tile Plus…

The inlay process composes each tile by fitting precision-carved inserts into a marble base. Traditionally, the inlay technique uses a marble base with different colored marble inserts. However, Kreoo inlay tiles can feature a variety of inserts in materials like Murano Glass, Brass or other metals, or even semi-precious stones! (Wall and floor applications)

Stone Tile Design Collections

Ducale Collection:

4 different models are characterized by combining the organic nature of marble with other noble materials such as Murano glass, brass and semiprecious stones.

Hana and Motion Collections:

Fascinating rhythmic designs that play with shape, texture and color. Each one can create its own aesthetic composition by combining 6 basic figures. Composition can be either flat or three dimensional.

Texo and Panama Collections:

Marble, Brass, Wood and Metal

New architectural solutions free from the static nature of traditional walls. Both Panama and Texo feature an interlacing effect, depicting strands of marble “woven” with other materials.

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