Dora Mini

Dora was inspired by the compelling sound and alluring shape of hand crafted drums. In the Dora design, the barrel shape of the traditional Japanese Doramu drum is combined with the conical shape of the West African Djembè and its system formed by ropes and circles. The result is a series of unique objects – an intersection of different cultures, with a strong Italian soul.

The tables of the Dora collection are characterized by an open circular brass base, with thin, brass rods, inspired by the djambè strings. The large space created by the opening of the base and the distance between the supports, combined with the shine of the metal, gives an unprecedented lightness to a historically heavy material. The top is made of your choice of the dynamic materials of the Kreoo collection. These stones resemble works of art in themselves, they embellish the environments of everyday life, giving it a suspended charm between exotic and contemporary.


End Table: 50 cm dia x 50 cm h

Medium cocktail table: 80 cm dia x 35 cm h

Large cocktail table: 120 cm dia x 35 cm h

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Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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