At Kreoo, we believe designs that combine marble with other materials such as wood and glass bring out the sensual, natural beauty of the stone. Kreoo’s Tangram table collection, alluding to the ancient Chinese puzzle game, presents elegant tables made by interlocking natural elements of stone and wood. From these varied and complementary geometries, dimensions and materials, a new, harmonious shape cluster is born. The table’s water-clear glass top doubles as a sleek surface and as a window into the soul of the table, its complex base. The result is a highly innovative and impactful table.


Tangram Mono, in square or round, is a glass-topped dining table with one central base, offered in warm, deep Zebrano (Zebra Wood) juxtaposed with cool, classic Bianco Calacatta Oro (Calacatta Gold)  marble, a white Italian marble with occasional smoky grey and soft gold veins. Custom options in both marble and wood finishes are also offered.

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Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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