Kreoo Pluvio Table

The Pluvio Table draws on inspiration from the current of Surrealism, an artistic movement of the twentieth-century avant-garde that is based on that process in which the unconscious emerges during dreams, generating visions transfiguring reality, in a vortex of emotional impulses.

Pluvio, from the Latin “pluvia”, rain, is a table characterized by a marble top that appears liquid, as if rippled by an invisible drop falling from above: the result is an elegant and unusual undulating effect, an illusion of movement created with deep craftsmanship.

The table is framed by a metal profile also present in the base, a refined material contrast that gives an immediate visual lightness to the object. The base is made with the same marble as the top, without processing, with the option of customization with other color variations or finishes.
On request, it is also possible to complete the product with coordinated Lazy Susan: a dining or office table characterized by an elegant distinctive feature, which can be inserted in classic or modern environments in a new and completely original way, for destination different uses: from residential to hospitality, from representative places to retail.

The idea was to design a design element in balance between highly technical performance, innovation, refinement, and elegance, in the key of the contrast between the solidity of marble and the fluidity of water.


Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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